Bad audio on VHS capture



I’m using a Cameo Grabster unit to transfer old TV progs from VHS tapes to my hard drive. I’ve tried VDub and Ulead Video Studio capture software. While the capture is in progress, the audio sounds fine, but on opening the file on my hard drive, I get bad audio crackle. The crackle is not always present. This is guesswork on my part, but it seems TV channels with less sophistcated audio output produce none or very little crackle. Channel 700 will produce a better result than the major network channels, for example. Of the various audio settings I’ve tried for the capture, selecting mono rather than stereo is the only method of reducing (not stopping) the crackle.

Thanks in advance.


Does the problem only occur on non-digital channels (ie your local channels)?


I only use digital channels.


what is your option/preference set to for audio capture? Are you wired into an onboard sound card? What do you have set as far as your input level on your sound cards audio options…


My VCR is connected to my PC through Line-in to capture the VHS audio.
I’ve fixed the crackle problem by changing to the following option:
Realtek HD Audio Manager>Line in>Default Format>studio quality
However, this is only satisfactory for mono. The stereo has a minor distortion.