Bad Atmosphere In The Forum

Is it just me, or in the last week have people got more aggressive here?, I’m not just referring to the Namoh thing, but the general feeling seems more hostile.

So when writing something negative about somebody else consider:

*Are you going to get the person to stop doing what they did that you disliked, or are you just making them angrier?

  • It may be that you just need to remove anger at the person you are flaming, and not a direct request for change.

*If you are getting them to stop doing something, is asking aggressively necessary?

  • Often people answer in a bad tone, when the same thing could be said just as well without it.

*Is it helpful to say it in public, or better to be said via PM?
– Bringing things in public often makes people “take sides”, this creates more tension.

*Are they in the mood to receive criticism?
– It is often easy to tell if somebody on the forum is in a bad mood, if so, it may be better to wait until they are happier and then make a comment, it will be a lot more constructive then.

Just relax, and don’t take threads too seriously, if somebody is annoying you, it may be they have there own problems outside of CDFreaks, wait a few days, and see if they stop.

These are my own personal views, not necessarily those of CDFreaks or any of its staff or members

Ben :slight_smile:

ps. Sorry if I am behaving like a mod again

Thanks for your concern.

In a community like ours, where so many different people participate, equally different opinions and behaviours are inevitable… Not only are they inevitable, but they are what makes this forum so valuable. Different people, require different approaches.

People who are comfortable in a place, tend to be very protective of that place. They want what is best for that place and do what they think is right. This is also happening to this forum, people are looking out for each other, but sometimes forget that there is another side to each story.

People should try to place them in the other person’s shoes when replying to certain threads. An example may perhaps clarify this:

When you consider how the poster may have intended his message to come accross, it may bring better understanding in a discussion and result in a friendlier atmosphere.

Another thing, which I have mentioned several times before, is people who are protective of this forum and point people to their mistakes by replying with comments about the correctness of their actions. Although I really appreciate people’s involvement, I think it is better to leave such things for the moderators (let me be the bad guy, so you can be the good guy).

Personally I don’t share your feeling, but I hope that your feeling can be turned around for the better. If you have any suggestions, feel free to share them, I am open to suggestions.

I liked your reply, and I don’t think the forum is having a bad atmoshpere. I agree that the joinning of Sexy_Southerner brought more positive attention to the forum, which can only be good. The whole Namoh scene was/is avoidable and I still think it didn’t affect much the majority of the members. Thinks like that are bond to happen in a forum which has over 100,000 users, with different values and opinions.

Just like your both said, taking threads/replies too serious is not recommended, becaus e you can’t “feel” the other person…

And Tax has proven again why he is a Senior Admin with his words. Equal rights with equal duties :slight_smile:

For me, thanks CD Freaks! Keep the good work with the forum, it has a lot of people with great quality, motivation and more important then that, great values…

If anything, I feel the Living Room forum has become a lot more lively and friendlier than before. Many people helped in that. Code65536, Da_Taxman, Dee-27, Sexy_Southerner… these first coming to my mind. Norty69er and Namoh also helped greatly.

I never regarded the Living Room forum very seriously. To me, RH forum has always been the center of my attention. The main trend in RH forum was less posts in the main RH forum and more posts in the various brand-specific forums. The trend helped RH forum thrive. It also helped RH forum become a place of fanaticism and brand-loyalty. It has become very difficult for any serious person to talk about the performances and features of a RH device without being aware of those things now.

Are you sure your just 14…and 1/2…sometimes we sit back and let the words of kids…knock us off our feet…yes there are many people from here from different backgrounds .but we all have one thing in common…we are here…so lets try and get along …

Ben, I think you did a good job.

I share your concernes. Although personally I think that the living room has become a better place lately, I can see where this is coming from. Thing is that the living room is becoming a melting pot with more and more different people with different backgrounds, principles, cultures and more of that, determining the personality and way of thinking.

If you take a look at the big picture though, one may conclude that we are doing good. The living room is becoming more and more of a real living room. Not just a bunch of nerds together, agreeing on the fact that some brand is better than the other. No, we’re talking about serious matters but also about all kinds of bs. And sometimes something goes wrong… it would be kind of idealistic to imagine that our forum is some kind of Shangri-la where everything is as beautiful as can be. As a (growing but still) thight community, we will overcome. And Ben, I think that these “guidelines” you just put here really show that we’re on the right way to do so.

So euh… all you good people keep it up!

heh Maybe the credit card bills are finally arriving from the x-mas shopping spree.

or just post chritmas blues :smiley:

looks like normal service has been resumed in the LR now :bigsmile:

didnt you know hes realy an oil worker from Texas called John :wink: