Bad advice

Hi folks…had some bad ass advice from a friend?

I recently purchased a LG 4120B DVD RW and it worked perfectly …but a friend advised me to

Totally agree - just update the firmware to the latest version (if you haven’t already) - it then supports the Ritek G05 dye at 8x properly. Link on - I used the dangerous brothers A111 version with the windows flasher.

After I flashed the above…all I could burn was coasters on 8X but I can still burn on 4X…what I want to know is can I flash back to the original firmware and if I can where would I get it from?

Many thanks from a very frustrated neewbie

HERE you can download stock A111 firmware. should be able to apply it as is.

He already used the stock A111 firmware, I’m sure. Other versions are available on, if they let you downgrade, then you can downgrade.

Ok guys you have me confused now…so is it possible to back flash and how and where would I find the right flash ??

By the way many thanks for the reply’s much appreciated and a great site :wink:

Try the older files on, they should allow you to flash back.

What one would you suggest? the DVD RW was new last week.

Many thanks for the reply


I would suggest staying with version A111 and getting some better media.