Bad 1640 burns

I’m using 8x fugi dvd+r media with the media code YUDEN000 T02

I decided to try out the feature for scanning dvd’s, and my results are horrible. I’d post a scan, but i haven’t let one finish yet, because the PO errors go up so high, its kinda pointless to let it finish. I’ve already passed 60,000 PO errors.

I’ve heard there can be bad batches of this fuji/taiyo yuden media, but can anyone else think of why my burns are so bad? I’m going to let this scan finish so I can try and post the quality scan later.

I should also note, I’ve had this problem with solidburn on/off for recognized discs.

ok heres the scan of one of my fuji discs. I’ve checked 3 or 4 now and they are all getting results like this :frowning:

What do your other media burn like? Could be a defective drive.

Some system specs and burning software you are using would help. Looks like you have some things going on in the background as your read speed line is all over the place.(green line in upper graph):slight_smile:

Prob using PIO mode when he burned.

I’m using nero i think it is for burning. I have a few background things running. Newsbin is downloading some stuff from usenet. I’ve got a torrent running. IRC is always on, plus MSN and other stuff.

Intel 2.4mhz processor w/1 gig of ram. radeon 9800pro vid card.

the burner is my secondary master with a 40 gig hard drive as the slave drive.

I hope its not a defective drive. The wierd thing is, you would think the discs wouldn’t play very well in my dvd players, but they play fine. I wonder if there is something wrong with the test on my computer?

I’ve also included a scan of the only other media i’ve burned with this thing which was my remaining tyg01 discs, which i burned at 4x. Even they come up with errors.

i checked to see if the drive was in PIO mode already, but its ultra dma mode 2 I believe.

Put it as secondary master and see.

EDIT: Oops! I misread. Try it without the other hard disk connected.

Also do you have another drive that you can re scan the first burn you posted. Just to see if the drive has a reading problem. Scan like that usually doesn’t play very well in a stand alone player.

nope, the drive i replaced was an old lg burner, a few years old, long before they began to implement scanning into the drives.

I removed the secondary slave hard drive, and the scans still stink, but are slightly better. I’m going to try to do another burn while the hard drive is unplugged.

I tried to scan discs (tyg02’s) that i’d made on the old lg burner, and they were loaded with errors too.

i’m prety suspicious that my problem lies in scanning and not burning.

nope still get the errors even with the hard drive out, can’t figure out what it is, and why the dvds play fine in my standalone player.



When you installed the 1640 - did you delete the Secondary channel driver in Device Manager and reboot the system to clear out the old devices leftovers and let XP find the driver and reinstall it as fresh?

If not - then you should - and I second the motion that it is not good to have an optical device on the same channel as a hard drive IMO-


@Zod, I would suggest to run Nero CD Speed “create data disk” plus Disk Quality scan on YUDEN000T02 and please post both images here.

Where did you buy the Fuji TY?

is it possible i just need a better IDE cable?

I tried the delete secondary ide channel from the device manager, rebooted, rebooted again :slight_smile: but it didn’t make a difference.

as for having a hard drive on that cable as well, i just use the drive for extra storage, i don’t access is while i’m burning or anything, and i don’t burn anything thats on it :slight_smile:

heres the scans via the test disk you requested. oh and i bought the discs at The Source by Cirucuit City in Victoria, BC.

Are you sure your media aren’t faking the TY MID?

Either that, or your drive is completely screwed.

He’s using Fuji so it really shouldnt be fake.

Zod- Can you post some transfer rate test? Can you also try using any other type of media, or even scan the media in a different drive to check if there is something wrong with the quality scanning or the burn.

Also when saving the images please do NOT save them as JPEG. Save them as PNG because there will be no quality loss (cause your scans are pretty blurry) and the images will be smaller in size.

Also try turning off your internet connection, and do not multi task while burning. what model stand alone dvd player do you have, thats amazing :stuck_out_tongue: .

its a philips dvp642 dvd player. it also works in my daewoo 5800, but i resurrected that one, using my old lg burner as the loader for the unit.