Bad 1300a Flash! Hoiw do i fix it?

What bo i do to fix a bad nec 1300a flash!. Do i make a boot disk with a flash utility? Do i put a firmware on there? What command do i use. The problem is i made a disc and when i reboot to go into dos, my computer wont get past detecting ide devices without the nec 1300 being unplugged

I trashed my 1300a last year. Almost decided I needed a replacement as various flash attempts failed with " drive not responding" Then tried the dangerous brothers nEC1100a flash and RPC2 firmware 1.A7 from and this went OK!! Must flash from a DOS boot disc though, and may have to disconnect the data cable from the 1300A until the system has booted from the floppy.

Hi mikedd,
Did you have to disconnect your data cable when you used the dangerous brothers’ firmware? Was wondering how the hardware recognizes the drive after your system is booted up in DOS mode. Was there some type of refresh command you have to run for your system to discover the cable is now attached? THanks.

Hi Andrew - I found that if I booted the system normally (into Windows) with the data cable disconnected, then connected the cable and told Widows to restart with the floppy in as the first boot device, suprisingly, this seemed to find the 1300 OK!! Do not know why but hope this works for you.

You can use TDB’s DOS Flasher or BINFLASH.
The DOS-Flasher requires REAL DOS of course, no SAFE MODE, no Recovery Console, no other fakes.