Backward compatibility for firmware update

May i know if i flash my sony dru-720a with the latest stock firmware jy03 is it possible to downgrade back to my original firmware of jy01 as i would require to update newer media codes of other manufacturer’s dvd-r/+r or is it possible to overwrite with similar firmware version with the same firmware patch done by omnipatcher but with newer media codes update in it. And how do i update the new media code using dvd-identifier which line should i start from and end? And where may i obtain the unscrambled stock for my sony dru-500a firmware from cause the sony support storage site gives scrambled ones thus rendering me useless in flashing media codes.

why would one downgrade firmware? newest is always best.

the dru-500a isn’t made by liteon so you can’t use omnipatcher with it.

it’s for me to go back to the original to undo any tweaks done to my dru-720a. so i was wondering whether it was possible and can the same theory be applied for my dru-500a using offical flasher?

if you use a patched firmware, you can downgrade the firmware on your dru720a. the crossflash-patch must be enabled.

the dru500a isn’t made by liteon and not supported by omnipatcher. ask the codeguys, maybe they can patch the firmware for you.

Just a FlashFixed flasher. Unless he’s downgrading a 800A to a 720A, there is no need for firmware/crossflash patching.

the dru500a isn’t made by liteon and not supported by omnipatcher. ask the codeguys, maybe they can patch the firmware for you.

Downgrading firmwares to older versions never require firmware patches no matter which manufacturer’s drive you’re working with. AFAIK, the downgrade prevention for drives by any manufacturer is always implemented in the firmware flasher, not the firmware. OmniPatcher is a firmware patcher and never ever touches the flasher (well, starting in 1.4.3, it never touches the flasher; it used to before that).

Does the 500A flasher even have a downgrade check? I think there are flasher-patched versions of the 500A floating around somewhere, but all the information regarding that is somewhere in the forums.

Finally, I don’t quite understand the question that you’re asking. :confused: You’re asking about downgrading firmware and about adding more media support. Adding more media support involves upgrading the firmware. Downgrading a firmware to an earlier version will never ever add any media support and will generally reduce your media support.

no that’s not true. lots of times older is better

for me the newest firmwares had always worked better than old ones. from my very first cd-rom drive up to my dru710a.

i think the ‘+r-reading-bug’ in newer 1653s firmwares is made by liteon to prevent tweaking. as for the other things they can’t do much… this ‘bug’ is the only disadvantage of the newer firmwares for 3s-v1 series.

QUERY: if let’s say i am inputting new media codes into the latest firmware jy03 for my dru-720a which i already flashed eariler on is it possible to overwrite teh same firmware but with the latest media code inputted to the patched firmware. In addition which codeguy should i approach to aid me in extracting a unscrambled firmware for my dru-500a?