Backuup copy of HS Musical



I purchased the High School Musical DVD for my daughter, however she has in the past not put the DVD in its case and for whatever reason the DVD gets scratched and is ruined. I’m trying to make a backup copy of this one in case the same thing happens. I tried using DVD Shrink at first and got a CRC error. I also tried AnyDVD and CloneDVD. AnyDVD can rip the DVD with no error messages and takes the copy protection out. After the rip by AnyDVD the size is over 7GB. However, when I try CloneDVD, Nero or any other DVD copy software I get the message the files size exceeds the size of the DVD even though I had the settings to make a DVD5 DVD. Not sure why I’m getting this message using any of the software programs. Can someone provide any insight or suggestion with this? Would a DL DVD solve the size issue? Thanks for any information!


Can anyone provide some insight into this problem? Thanks!


If you already have the dvd ripped on your HDD, use dvd shrink to compress it.

You can remove all unwanted contents to reduce the compression level.

Burn on a DL disc certainly will solve any problem, because don’t need any compression, but if you don’t set correctly the layer break the burned disc will have playback problems


Thans for the response and information. I did try and use DVD Shrink to compress it but when I try to burn it with Nero 6 I get the message that the video is too large to fit on the disk. I don’t recall the exact message but Nero tells me that the file sizes exceed the capacity of the disk by about 300MB. Maybe it’s just Nero that’s having the problem. I haven’t tried any other burning software. What other burning software do you recomment that I try?


Go to dvd shrink options and set output size as in the pics; this should solve


I tried that and I get the following message:


What compression level have you set?


I have it set at automatic.


Probably that disc is really big. Try to do a two-pass shrinking.

  1. Open the disc and first of all remove all unwanted content (foreign languages and subtitles)

  2. Set compression level to manual

  3. Select a value like 90%

  4. Press the backup button, ignoring the error message; i.e save files even if output file dimensions are too big to fit on a single layer disc. REMEMBER: Enable deep analysis to obtain better results.

  5. When shrink end backup, close the program.

  6. Open again dvd shrink, and load [U]the shrinked movie[/U] (not the original).

  7. Set compression level as Automatic

  8. Press the backup button again

This time dvd shrink should be able to compress corretcly the entire disc.


Thanks…I tried that. The process works but the quality of the final product is not good. There’s a lot of pixelization in the video.


Have you removed as much undesidered contents as possible? If yes, there are only two solutions: split the original in two discs (with no compression), or burn on a DL disc.

If you choose to burn on a DL, buy only quality media; until now the only quality DL media are verbatim.

If you want to retain menus, clonedvd can be the solution. Also DVD Remake should be helpful for this.


Yes…I removed everything that’s unwanted but still no luck. I ordered some Verbatim DL +R’s from Newegg and got a 10 pack for $8.99 shipped AR. They should be here on Wednesday. I’ve been reading about burning DL discs (since I don’t have any actual experience with them) and a lot of the posts I’ve found tend to say to use DVD Decrpypter by burning an ISO. Any experience using this app?


My suggestion is to use dvd decrypter to rip the disc, because it put the layer break in the right place. Then use imgburn to burn the disc (it’s more updated than decrypter, and it come from the same author).


I’m having a problem backing my personal copy, as well. I’m using Fab though.

I get “Error reading and writing…” right at the end of the “coping process”.

Anyone familiar and can help?

Many thanks.