Backupup multiple files with multisession?

hi there, i wanna burn each night (with a batch file -> something like
C:\Programme\Ahead\Nero\NeroCmd.exe --write --real --drivename m --speed 8 --iso %Ziel% --create_iso_fs --verify “E:\cnc-bak*.*” --recursive --disable_eject

but i wanna burn each day the same dvd . i have the following scenario.
copy from path x a file to path y rename the file and add the current day string to it like

now copy this file to the dvd and burn it. after some days on the dvd should be the following structure.


and so on.

what is the correct batch command for this ?
greetings martin

Additionally in the batch command above you will have to use
–close_session : will cause, the disc will not be finalized
–import : you can omit the session number, so the last session will be imported
–backup : will replace imported files only if newer are found in the source folder