Backups with clone-cd!?




I was wondering if I can make backups of my games (Fifa 2k) with clonecd without any problems with the cd-protection(s)?



Why not give it a try???

it only cost you a few bucks for the cd and some time to burn…

it should work…


I suggest you check that your hardware is supported first


Leonida patrioth!!!

Just visit Elaborate Bytes site and check if both your reader and writer are supported by CloneCD! ( BOTH of them must be supported)

In case they are not supported , visit and download the appropriate patch file for Fifa2k

Good luck…Elladara!!


i have used clonecd to make backups of tons of safedisc-protected games, fifa 2000 being one of them, so yes, if you have a good reader, then it will DEFINITELY work.


if your cdr-w is compatible you should be able to copy safdisk no probs.though it could take a while.the reason being that all drives support "normal reads"this is all that is needed for safdisk…you only need the top two options for securom and psx…