Backups to Hard Drive

I’m new to this whole DVD backup process and am quite amazed and overwhelmed by the wealth of knowledge available on these forums. I understand a person’s due diligence to do research on their own prior to posting, but it seems the more I read the more overwhelming it becomes.

My goal is to backup my DVD collection to hard drive and it seems that AnyDVD is the best tool to accomplish this task. In backing up the DVD however, I would like to avoid the trailers & warning messages that appear and have the DVD go right to the Main Menu. In addition, I would like to be able to compress the video file without compromising video quality.

Can someone provide me a quick break down to accomplish this and/or point me to some guides for this process?

Thanks in advance.

How big is your HD?

I have a ReadyNAS with about 1.4TB.

Then just rip it to your drive… Right click on the anydvd icon, choose rip. And there you go.

In addition to AD what other program do you have?
If you have Clonedvd2, in conjunction with AD you would be able to rip movie only and keep each title in its own subfolder
if your movies are mostly older non SOny arcos then you can use
AD with dvdshrink a free program and use the re-author function and rip the movie only to HDD and can specify compression if you want
To get the best quality, select no compression
you should get about 320 tiles at ±4.35gb per title

I think if you use the AD internal ripper you will get the whole title and thus reduce HDD space by 50%

DVDshrink will work on 99% of the titles out there