Backups play on my DVD player, but not on anyone elses

Hi Folks.

I have a bit of an odd problem. I am using version and use the following settings:


Error Control
Ask before retrying
Retry 1 times
Skip ahead 32 sectors after an error
Enable read ahead cache

Burning Engine
VSO engine

Write Speed

Write Type of DVD-R Media
Packet writing

DVD 5 Size

DVD 9 Size

Overwrite, Setbook, Do not edject, and Verify are all unchecked

All options checked and region set to 1

Set to enable when necessary

Scan BOV
Cell lasting longer than 300 Seconds
One VOBU for every 30 VOBUs

I am using a Liteon LH-16W1P with firmware SL08

I am using some class 2 Fujifilm DVD-Rs right now (I will be using Verbatims in the future.)

When I make backups of my movies, I can play them fine on my cheap little Symphonic SD200E DVD player manufactured by the Funai corp back in October 2004, and my Liteon burner.

If I try and play them on any other DVD drive, I normally can only play about 20 minutes of the disk and it will lock up. This happens on other PC systems also. I tried to copy the Video/Audio folders to the hard drive of a PC I was trying to watch one on and it gave me a CRC error.

Anyone have any suggestions on how to make any future disks more compatible with other drives/players?

Would switching to the Verbatim disks make that much of a difference in recording and computability?

Also, does anyone know of a portable DVD player that is burned disk friendly? I would rather the kids spill their juice boxes and rub their french fries on the backups that the originals :bigsmile:

Hi thafrogggg and welcome to cdfreaks,

Changing the media to verbatim will likely fix the problem, ie., compatibiltiy issues with other players.
As long as you’re still using -R media, try changing the[B] Write Type [/B]to [B]SAO [/B]and not [B]Packet Writing[/B].
BTW, you can leave it at SAO for +R media as well…;)…and if I can anticipate your next question, there’s no reason you can’t use -R media.

Ideally, +R media, bitset to DVD-ROM should maximize compatibility, but again, nothing wrong with using -R.

Hope this helps.