Backups Play in Computer but not in DVD Player?

This may be a common problem but I’m puzzled by it. The backups play great in my computer but not so great in my actual DVD player (Samsung DVD / VHS Player maybe 4 Years or Older?). The scenes distort and jump ahead? I am using DVD Fab Platnium and some Backups work in my samsung and others do not. Turistas & Children of men start distorting and bouncing around in the actual player but work fine in the comp? Is this an issue with the Samsung? Do new DVD players read DVDR’s better? Any suggestions? I keep making multiple copies and they come out ok in my comp but not in my samsung player? I apologize if this topic is old news? Any help appreciated. At least I can watch 'em on my comp but prefer to lounge on the couch and have a glass of wine etc.


I think that the player is the problem, or else the media you are using, have you changed media brands ? do you have another player to try them in, yes newer DVD players play + & - R’s a lot better now days

Oh BTW I remember trying to help you once before in a PM and you never answered me back :frowning:

I haven’t tried using a different player but would consider buying a new one. We tried to watch a back up copy of the Grudge in the samsung and it was impossible but in my comp… no probs? May be time to upgrade my DVD player… anyone have any fair priced suggestions?

If they played good in the computer and not the DVD player yes I would get a new one, I have 4 Sony’s different models and they will play anything I throw at them, you should be able to find a good Sony model for around $70 now days

Yes, the new players are much better, but not all are equal. Take a burned disc with you when shopping for one and make them let you test it to see how it plays.

You must keep in mind that any kind of pc-drive is much more better and flexible, because you can do firmwareupdate.
Back to your request, you should you the best dvds what you can get to burn a dvd and you should burn it with the lowest possible speed.
Also, you should set the booktyp to DVD ROM.

All clear, then its fine.



you did not say exactly what media type you are using. if you are using dvd -/+ rw media it is possible that this will play only in your pc unless you have a recorder stand alone dvd player!

Finding a happy marriage amongst your burner, write strategy, blank media and player can be a frusrating issue and comes up a lot in forums.
First off, burners have much more robust playback compatibility as opposed to standalone players, but in recent years, standalones have made pretty decent advances in overall compatibility.

Although your player is 4 yrs old, your problem may be completely resolved with a change in blank media. I have a 3-4 year old samsung and it will play all my bkups. For the most part, these are Verbatim and Taiyo Yuden media. I also have some old Ridata +R, +RW which also play ok.
This would be my first suggestion as it’s cheap and easy.

If you’re planning on a new player, definitely follow signals’ advice and take a bkup disc with you to experiment.

Another option is to purchase a dvd standalone recorder…I have 2 Liteon 5005 standalones. I think you can get one of these or its successor for about $80 or so, maybe cheaper? These units have the same optical drive that you’d stick in your pc. These guys will play anything!. Also, when one of 'em dies, I can swap out the drive for about $30-35 instead of having to purchase a whole new unit…already have a 1693s on the shelf ready to go… :cool:

If you post back with some details, we can be more specific with our advice.
Just my usual 2 cents…

Hope this helps.

Long time user of DVD/FAB–great program
Long time reader first time participant on forum, be gentle.
Have same problem with Samsung DVD/VHS player.
Tried different media, different write speeds etc all to no avail. Some would work, most will not.
One suggestion if using +R media make sure you set 'booktype setting to
DVD-ROM" in common settings. Seems to make a difference , some times.
Gave up in the end on the Samsung and bought a $90 AUD LG DVD player, it plays whatever I throw at it…:slight_smile:

Ok, I’ll speak very gently… :bigsmile:

Hi oogleman and welcome to cdfreaks.
Thanks for posting and you make an excellent point…one more example of…
You never know for sure…what’s gonna work.

About 3-4 years ago, we tried to find another samsung for our son, same model as the one we have. Couldn’t find one and so we bought a different model sammy. This one’s performance was as you described…inconsistent and marginal at best. Anyway, we returned the sammy and bought an apex from wally world…about $58, pretty cheap for back then. This player will play anything, bkups on any media, photos, etc., etc. It also gets its fair share of abuse…in a college dorm with 7 other guys in a suite.
Go figure…

I recently bought an Acoustic Solutions DVD Player from Argos for £25 this machine will play absolutely anything !!

Even part written “Write Failed” disks will play in this player. I was gobsmacked when I first tried a “Write Failed” disk in it (Failed at 99%) it played without issue and the 1% missing was the credits so I wasn’t complaining (I’ve also tried fails at 40/50 and 60% all played up to the failure point) none of the DVD drives in my PC would even recognise the disks !?!

For £25 you really cannot go wrong, the way I see it is if it only lasts 12 months it’s still bloody good value.

Ok, I have the Write section booktyped to DVDROM media, Write Speed 8 X,
VSO Burning engine, DVD writeable media file size DVD5 set to 4464 Custom, I have been using Dynex discs & Memorex DVD+R (which almost never work). I have gone back and forth beteween Packet and SAO writing.

The weird thing that happens is once the DVD has been copied to the temporary folder and it asks to insert media… It almost never accepts the Blank DVD+R’s right away. It doesn’t seem to recognize them? But the drive works great? In fact I usually have to copy directly from the Temporary file to DVD+R and that seems to almost always works instantly when the disc is inside and waiting.

I have had problems with rented DVD’s on my player as well on occasion so this could be a multi layered problem.

Someone mentioned the standalone home dvd burners as a player? can you really get one for $80?? I like that idea…? Thanks for everyone’s help!

Yup, you can. Unfortunately, the 2 Liteon 5005 standalones I own mentioned above, don’t seem to be unavailable…at least after a quick look around. You can probably find one on ebay or such…I’m not necessarily suggesting you do this, but it’s an option.
Like I said I love these units. They play anything and I can swap out a dead unit with a variety of liteon burners for $30+. They also offer the advantages of updating firmware, as well as flashing to region-free and macrovision-free.
I’m still backing up to dvd all those VHS tapes the kids (now in college) still have…I’m surprised they still play.

Personally, I would do some research on cdfreaks:
DVD Recorder & Home Entertainment
There are subforums for Liteon, Philips, Panasonic and Pioneer.
There’s a lot of info there and knowledgable cdf members to help you out… :cool: