Backups giving me error

OK i am meting pissed i bought another driver and it works fine and now i have another problem i have not that much DVD+R DL to we waisting but i just burn a game 3 times and i result non of them work they make a clicking noise and it don’t read on my 360 it says to clean the disc but iit does not work i tried burning at 2.4X it did not work then i tried burning at 8X and it did not work ether when i burned halo3 in my cousins pc it worked just fine i have the same drive as my cousin i don’t no what i am doing wrong i have the 1st Sammy drive that came out i have the MS25 i read something about bit setting what does that do i am using imgburn to burn the games

could someone help me ??

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Most of times this issues are due to a bad burned disc. Most of DL media are low quality media. Only Verbatim proved to be a completely reliable media.

What discs are you using?

i have memorex 8X if i buy a pack of verbatim would it work for sure cuz i dont wanna be waisting money if it is not gone work :frowning: and for some reason my friends hitachi drive reads them like nothing and my xbox dont i think it is cuz i have the 1st xbox that came out

There is no 100% guarantee that it will work. PS3 backups can be tricky and some consoles have a really picky drive.

Verbatim are anyway the better DL discs available at the moment and will give better results than memorex.

so it is garantied to work on my box correct and my memorex says 8X on the disc shojuld i buy the ones that say 2X or what does it make a diifff and why does the xbox 360 make the Clicking noise ?

No, never, that were already posted.
Buy the original game instead of wasting more DL media…

it is not that i buy the original disc it is just that i went to NY for a lil bit and i left all my original backups over their so now i could not play my games=( thats why am making backups of all my games the only one thats working atm with no problems is halo3

kk so i got a new hitachi drive modded it up and now all my games that did not work b4 work perfectly now