Backups freeze in Player after 1hr



I’m using ANYDVD with 1click to backup all my movies. Burns are always successful whether using Sony DVD-r or Memorex DVD+r DL. (I try to keep compression, if any, to a minimum). I even make labels. I bought a new DVD/VCR combo, Samsung DVD-V5650, that doesn’t seem to like my backups. Especially lately. I had an older version of 1click that worked great but always had problems and needed to close. I switched to CloneDVD2, which is where I started having problems. DVDs would turn extremely pixelated, and eventually freeze, always after an hour to and hour and a half of playtime, even with no compression. Now I have the new version of 1click and I’m still having the same problem. I gave some of the copies that didn’t work to a friend, he said that played fine in his mom’s POS. What’s going on? Is it the software? or is it the DVD player? One more thing, my older backups usually play fine, but I used to use Philips DVD-r. I’m wasting alot of money on DVDs and Labels. Can anyone help?


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It’s media related. CloneDVD2 does a fine job in compressing a movie or stripping out unwanted extras.

Anything with “Memorex” on it should be given a wide berth. For DL +R media there’s only Verbatim, nothing else is worth the trouble.

For -R & +R again Verbatim is a sound choice , along with Taiyo Yuden. Limit your burn speed for 16x media to 12x. For all other speed rated media burn at the rated speed.

As for labels, well that can be very bad news and it’s recommended here that you never use stick on labels.

Having said all that some players can be more sensitive than others. My daughter’s Philips can have problems at times whereas my Pioneer will play anything.


Sounds like your player doesn’t like the media or the burns.Does it accept both + and - media? Maybe try bitsetting to DVD ROM if your burner supports it. And I wouldn’t use labels on DVDs they have been known to cause problems.


Thanks TimC and …Dude. After I get through another 100 Sony -r and 60 Memorex DL+r, I’m gonna give verbatim a try.

So you believe it has nothing to do with my software, but probably cheap DVD player, DVDRs, or most likely the labels. Alittle upset, my labels look good.

So why do stick on labels cause problems? Is it an inertia thing?

What’s a good brand DVD Player? I swear by Sony Video Products, but I went cheap this time. I’m gonna sell it to my girlfriends parents.

And lastly, Why reduce the write speed to one speed less than the max of the disc?


I would have thought the Sony would have been OK but maybe your burner doesn’t like them too well. BTW what burner do you have & what firmware version?

With labels I think it’s that it seems possible for the adhesive to permeate through & affect the recording layer. Also I’d guess that misaligned label could affect the balance of the DVD.

It’s only with 16x media that you’d tend to drop the speed back as many burners do give a better burn at 12x or even 8x on these. Personally I always go for 12x but must say that my 16x burns are still fine.