Backups dont work

hey guys, 1st post here :slight_smile:

im looking for help

i have a NEC 3500ag dvd burner

i recently used clonecd to make a backup of FF VIII for PSX
the problem: the backups dont work and im getting frustrated because i remember making some backups in the past with an old LG cd burner and they worked perfectly. :rolleyes:
and btw,
today i used dvd decrypter to backup a PS2 game and guess what, it didnt worked as well.

im not gettin any burning error messages or something like that, in fact i think this DVD burner rocks.

what am i doing wrong? :sad:

help is appreciated
tks in advance, and sorry for the bad english


I would guess that it could be a media problem. Try different brand of CD-R.

i guess thats not the problem, i burned the backup on ridisc media, didnt work. then a friend of mine sold me some cd-r’s (i dont remember the brand). didnt work as well, but this time i was sure it wasnt media problems cuz he makes his backups on that same type of media with no problems.

i also tryed 2 types of media for ps2 (memorex and those crappy princo ones) …nothing

then something came to my mind (lol), backup a ps2 game on the hard drive and try it with an emulator… and it worked.
the problem its no from the console itself, and i think its not from the dvd burner as well :expressionless:

some other problems i discover recently, i cant make backups of those red dyed DVD-Video media. cyclic redundance bla bla when copy pasted to the hard drive, and read error with dvd decrypter and shrinker :expressionless: , like they have scratches.

i have this problem both with my dvd burner on my desktop and my laptop. a friend of mine has the same problem with an LITE ON dvd burner too :S

God… why?

could the problem with the game backups be, due to the fact that i burn the cds at 48x and the dvd’s at 4x ?? bahhhhh

firmware problem?

I have not burned a PS1 game in years - but I do remember that I had to burn them at x1 or my PS1 would not play them.

For new PS2 DVD games, I can burn at x16 and my new slimline PS2 reads them no problem.

Make sure your firmware is up to date - but I still wouldn’t rule out media problems - PS2 are very fickle at reading some discs. Plus your burner may not like a brand of media - so even if it works for a friend it may not work for you (and yes, even if you have the same burner!!)

For the red DVD’s - those will be Sony ARccOS protection - download AnyDVD and CloneDVD2 from and you will have no problem with them.

seems ur right, iv used a crappy prico dvd again but this time with nero and it worked. im testing them on a pstwo (slimline) too. the memorex dvd didnt work, i asked a friend of mine and he said that his ps2 has problems reading memorex as well.
about the psx copies, i remember making them in the past with my 2x (max) LG burner.
i guess ur right

hey about those red dvd’s, thanks a lot for helping :smiley: (about everything)

Not a problem - glad I was able to help - and oh, welcome to the forum!!