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As I have gathered from four threads (several of them right next to each other), you have a DVD (Monty Python and the Holy Grail) and you want to make a VCD out of it. However, you want to make only a single VCD and you want the program to be freeware.

Fine. Simple enough.

The following is a list of programs designed to take you from DVD to (S)VCD. (Remember, parenthesis around a letter means optional. Therefore, (S)VCD means either VCD or SVCD.) Six out of 10 are listed as freeware. When you click on a program name, you’ll be given more information on the program and some links to guides on how to use the program.

Take your pick. Unfortunately, doing this may require some reading on your part. Remember this is something YOU want to do, and nobody here is going to do it for you. So please exhaust all of your resources before posting numerous threads on the same issue.

I take pleasure in sharing what little I know with others. However, if you’re uninformative, uncooperative, impatient and ungrateful, the pleasure is stripped and nobody then wants to help you. So do us both a favor and please read the excellent links given to you by several members here and stick to a single thread.


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