Have a question which probably seems kinda stupid, I have backed up my drives before but never had to use it. I just backed up a Sandisk 500G SSD , Win.10 to a flash drive. In the case that I had to reset the drive to factory, will this backup re-install all the programs that were installed to the disk, and what is thre procedure for duing so, just boot from the flash drive? T.I.A


LOL… (no offence :flower:)
It will depend how you backed it up. If you followed my advice in another thread to use Macrium Reflect free and back up the OS, yes! as long as you boot from the bootable media created (which may be on the same drive if space allows) you will restore the complete OS and most programs in their registered state. If you only back up files and folder, then this is obviously not the case as the disk restored will not be bootable. Some programs use other means of determining the registration state and they may need re-registration, but for the most you’re safe with restoring a full operating system backup as long as the software supports your OS.


X I did heed your advice, that’s what I backed it up with.