BackUP XBOX Game

Help!! Please! Here is what i would like to do. I travel alot and drag my xbox with me everywhere unfortunetly it leads to poor xbox game disc storage and constant use. I want to make an exact duplicate of my disc to ensure if they get scratched beyond recognition i can still play my beloved games without spending some serious doe for a new game. Here is my question:

I have learned how to make an xISO of an xbox game and it will load and play the game to some extent.

:confused: Here is the problem. I cant access Xbox live with my burnt back up. I am assuming I need to dycrypt the VOB files or something that is not getting fully copied to my back up. Can anyone please help me!! Any Ideas?


Umm do you have a chip installed, cause if u do you cant use xbox live. The best way is to get a HD upgrade and same you’re games on the xbox HD.

But if you want to burn them you have to link you xbox up to the computer and carry the dvd files to ur comp then make and xISO then burn.

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Backups will not play on live. Your xbox needs to be in a modded state to run them, and will result in a ban on that console

You’re probably best to use something like XBConnect to play online.

things you need to do…
first— mod your box…i recommend with the Xenium Spice…no soldering required on all boxes the latest being v1.6b will take under 20 minutes

second—use dvd2xbox to rip the games directly to the hdd…if you want to make backups use Craxtion 4 which uses the .net framework

third-- you cannot use backups on LIVE …if you do you get banned…if your box has been LIVE and you upgrade the HardDrive you will get Banned!!! you will need a new BIOS…

fourth–if you want to play online use Xlink Kai Evolution 7 or the latest