Backup Xbox 360 games

Is it possible to make a backup of my xbox 360 games, just in case they get damaged?

Any guide/tutorial with step by step description how to do it?

TX for the tips and help. … that’s a good place to start as it covers most of the ‘need to know’ information as far as basic moding of your console and backing up games etc.

if you got a Lite-On drive in your xbox360 it will be a little harder to mod. you can tell roughly what drive you got in your XBox360 by using this…

TX :slight_smile: I’ll start reading…

The box always needs to be modded, there’s no simple software solution? :confused:

[QUOTE=malawifan;2223585]TX :slight_smile: I’ll start reading…

The box always needs to be modded, there’s no simple software solution? :confused:[/QUOTE]


Why not using your ORIGINALS?

@ malawifan …

there IS a software solution (well pretty much :wink: ) … you dont physically have to change any hardware in the XBox360 … the moding to the xbox360 itself is all software since all it does is change the firmware on the dvd-rom drive itself… other than that the system is still stock… you still have to open up the XBox360’s case though to get inside it to connect the SATA cable to the back of the DVD-ROM drive but that’s pretty much it… opening the XBox360 i think is the hardest part to the overall moding process as it could be a major pain in the butt without the proper tools but i got one of those (|66%3A2|65%3A12|39%3A1|240%3A1318|301%3A1|293%3A1|294%3A50 , that’s it right there… costs about 6 bucks out the door)

basically once you remove the case (basically outta shell) then ‘inside’ the system you dont have to remove anything besides unplug teh SATA cable from the back of the XBox360’s DVD-ROM drive… that’s pretty much it :wink: … it’s not really that hard assuming your decent with PC’s in general.

it’s just you generally need a VIA 6421 SATA card (, same one i have myself) as this is a good idea to have for moding in general, especially for Samsung/BenQ and even Lite-On… Hitachi wise i think onboard SATA stuff is probably better because i hear some people have issues with the VIA6421 card and others claim it works… i cant confirm either way since the only XBox360 drive i did myself where a Samsung MS25 (my cousins) and MS28 (my own) and a BenQ (my other cousins) … but basically theMS25/MS28 drives are the exact same hardware it’s just different software (i.e. the firmware on the drives that are different) … but basically i can confirm that that card in the link works perfectly for Samsung/BenQ drives (it’s also supposed to work well for Lite-On to)

but yeah there’s no ‘simple solution’ if you mean you just burn a game and it works (you always need to change something in the systems to get them to play backup’s etc)… the only thing out there that could do that to my knowledge was the Sega Dreamcast as some versions of that could play burned games without needing modification whatsoever.

p.s. if you got a Lite-On drive that tutorial is not updated yet to include how to mod one of those… but if you got a Lite-On in your 360 it’s going to cost you roughly another 30-50 dollars to mod it since you need special tools to do it… mainly cause reading the drive key from the drive cant be done using standard methods… flashing the drive aint the problem, it’s READING from it etc etc… just thought i would give you the basic rundown :wink:

TX for your help :bow:

After reading thru all these, I’m not sure anymore about getting involved in all this modding, it sounds pretty expensive if I add up all the things and tools I need, it might not worth it, even if I would have to buy the games again after a while…

I wish there was such a program for Xbox 360 like AnyDVD HD for Blu-Ray discs. :bigsmile:

You can use general tools around your house to get it open, it just takes a while. The XBox360 was put together in a way that you shouldn’t be able to take it apart. You should also note that by taking it apart you are voiding the warranty, but I think you knew that already.
But like NBR said, you don’t have to change any of the hardware, its software. What you are doing is chaning the firmware of the 360’s disc drive so it will read other discs. the 360 won’t read burnt discs because the 360 discs (I’m assuming here) are protected.
Now, if you do go ahead with the mod, there is a chance that you may have to do it again if Microsoft releases a firmware update for the drive.
I think everything else has been pretty much covered.

yeah, the current firmware for BenQ/Samsung/Lite-On is iXtreme v1.5 … for Hitachi (since it aint been updated yet) iXtreme v1.4.

and since i been in the XBox360 moding scene (which has been since April 2007) there’s been roughly 3 ban waves from Microsoft… the last one i think was roughly a few months ago… which is why that abgx360 application came into play as it adjust certain area’s of the security on the disc so that it’s read properly and MS cant detect it which helps avoid bans… but it’s basically a cat and mouse game between Microsoft and the moding scene… they ban, the people who make the firmware (i.e. c4eva) get around it, where good for a while again, MS bans again etc etc.

in general it’s highly unlikely (not impossible though i dont think) you will ever get banned if you dont get on XBox Live with backup’s in the drive since as far as people can tell you have to be connected to XBox Live WITH a backup disc in the drive otherwise they cant detect you… which so far seems to be true cause i never heard of anyone being banned without going on live with a backup disc in the drive. (this is that abgx360 application… which basically after you made your .ISO file you load the ISO file into that application and it checks it and fixes anything it finds wrong… do that BEFORE you burn your backup’s if you want to play on xbox live… doing that will minimize your chances of getting banned. it comes with a PDF file that tell’s you how to set it up.)

but cost aint to bad depending on your definition of ‘expensive’…

-20 pack of Verbatim DVD+R DL (made in singapore) disc = 25.99 (on right now)
-VIA 6421 SATA card = roughly 20 bucks (you may or may not need this depending on if your PC already has SATA ports and what drive in your 360 you got etc)
-XBox360 opening tool = roughly 6 bucks.
(im assuming you already got a decent dvd burner)

and depending on if you got a Lite-On drive that could cost roughly another 40 dollars or so… which you can quickly find out using that 2nd link in my first post here… (just in case this looks complicated to you… you just simply remove the face plate on the 360 (which anyone can do as it’s easy as it just pops off with a little pressure) and look in the proper hole for the ‘wire color’ :wink: