Backup xbox 360 games



I’ve been madly reading the forums on how to do this I’ve also watched the youtube clips on how to do it and try as I may I cannot get the damn things to work. I’ve got:

  • [li]LiteOn DVDRW LH-18A1P
    [/li][li]Samsung SH-D162D with Kreon Firmware update
    [/li][li]Booktype135 to change the booktype on the Liteon Burner

I’ve changed the Booktype to be DVD-ROM using Booktype135 obtained from the liteon website. Oh and I’m using Verbatim DVD+R DL disks.

So far I’ve made 8 coasters. I’ve checked the coasters and they are showing as being DVD-ROM disks. All the backups return as being unplayable disks.

The xbox has been softmoded with extreme firmware, can’t remember the version.

Any help will me met with huge amounts of thanks and praise.


There’s a possibility that the method you used to make the backups is faulty. What did you use?


if your planning on using those games on XBox Live i strongly recommend running the .iso file that XBC makes through a program called ‘abgx360’ ( , it comes with a .PDF file that tell’s how to set it up) as it checks to make sure your discs are properly made for live (and just in general… do this BEFORE burning them if you care about xbox live… if not it’s probably not needed for the most part)… as of now that’s the best protection to avoid getting banned on xbox live using backup’s in your system.

also what are you doing to burn the discs?

you MUST load the .dvd file (as it contains the layer-break information) into a app like ImgBurn ( , it’s FREE) and NOT the .iso file directly!

cause to me you have the proper programs to make backups properly… here is newest XBC (Xbox Backup Creator v2.8.0.275) =

p.s. i burn @ 4x speed and not 2.4x like people typically use cause disc quality scans show that 4x is generally better.

also, im checking obvious here, but did you modify your XBox360 with iXtreme 1.4 firmware? … if your system is stock NOTHING will make backups work for u… cause you need to put modified firmware into your xbox360’s dvd-rom drive in order to use the methods you are using above… which means opening the xbox360 connecting it to SATA ports on PC and flashing it etc etc… i wont explain this to you for now unless you need to know how to.


Thanks NBR,

The xbox has been modded I can’t remember the type used it was a Firmware update and done in the manner you started to describe, it does play other “backed up” games.

I’ve extracted the file using XBC then gone to Clone CD and picked the .DVD file, oh and in the middle when I inserted a new disk into the drive, I’ve ensured that I’ve changed the Booktype to DVD-ROM using Booktype135. I then start the burn at 2.4x.

I always use Verbatim DVD+R DL disks as in my extensive reading it appears that these are by far the best, and lately make really good expensive coasters, once the burn is complete I put the disk into the 360 and it thinks for a while and the disk spins but then comes up as unplayable.

A tutorial I saw on YouTube indicated that I needed to click on the security sector button in the image options and make a .ss file not sure what the point was because it wasn’t included in the burn.

I’ve begun to think that maybe the burner is the issue and that maybe Booktype135 isn’t actually changing the Booktype to DVD-ROM although when I insert the burnt disk back into the PC and use this program it indicates that it is DVD-ROM so the assumption is that they are. Maybe I should get a different burner.

I’m not overly concerned about Xbox live.

I’m thinking maybe I need to try Imgburn instead.


well based on what your telling me i would still run them through that abgx360 ( , it comes with a .pdf file that tells you how to use it and set it up ) application as it checks all the security sectors etc etc to make sure it’s (the .ISO) good prior to burning it to a disc

cause once you run it through that it should work for sure assuming everything else is in decent running order… cause it checks all the security etc etc stuff on the disc… plus not to mention you get benefit of making it more compatible with live to.

but basically once you get that application run the .ISO file through that abgx360 application BEFORE burning it to disc.

cause it appears your pretty much doing everything correctly… also CloneCD ‘should’ work to but using ImgBurn is what i use and it’s free and works well.

in general though using XBox Backup Creator ‘should’ automatically get the SS-DMI etc stuff that’s needed for the backup to work but using that abgx360 application will make SURE the .ISO file is good BEFORE you burn it to disc.

if that dont work… updating to newest firmware would not be a bad idea… how long ago was it moded? … cause if it was prior to when iXtreme v1.0 came out ‘some’ of your backup’s might no longer work if you update cause in iXtreme vs prior firmware there is additional security checks on the discs… but in general if you made a proper backup with XBC they will most likely still work.


right about now I’m pulling my hair out. I’ve extracted the game using XBC v2.8 I run abgx360 and it tells me I’ve got a video error so I let it fix it then I tried using Imgburn and it says complete but it still aint working.

Booktype is set to DVD-ROM and as far as I can tell all the settings are correct. I just don’t know what else to try. Is there another program to rip the game file that might work a bit better for me. Also I got told that I had to merge the .ss file with the iso using I think it was called ssmerger or something like that could this be my fatal error?


well i believe all u gotta do is use XBC to make the .dvd and .iso file’s like usual then do the abgx360 on it and then burn and that’s that should work without issue (assuming your DVD+R DL discs are good)

since you said it’s not working odds are it could be a burner or your drive in the 360 could be acting up (if your burner worked before im leaning towards a bad dvd-rom drive in the xbox360 itself) … im starting to think the drive in the 360 is acting up you might need to replace that with another drive but you cant just buy a replacement drive (roughly 50 bucks or so on ebay etc) and put it in cause you need to get drive key out of the old one and inject it into the replacement drive otherwise it wont work for sure.

cause from what i was just told… older Hitachi firmware did have issues on media detection… so first thing i would do is update your firmware to the newest before doing anything else… also after the update ‘some’ of your older games might no longer work if they where not made properly but if you use XBC and Kreon to make them… i would assume it should be good.

if possible, [B]update your xbox360 drive to the newest firmware which is iXtreme v1.4 (or iXtreme v1.41 for BenQ) … do this FIRST before doing anything else.[/B] … here’s a tutorial on how to do that. (if you dont have SATA ports on your motherboard you probably going to need to get a VIA 6421 PCI SATA card etc in order to do it… but it sorta depends on what drive’s in your xbox360 etc)

as far as another program… there is but i dont think it’s gonna matter to much and besides XBC is pretty much the main app everyone uses to and your using the Kreon drive which is also the recommended method to backup your original games with.

since you got a Lite-On burner i would scan the discs with Kprobe after burning just to make sure the burn quality is good. (i.e. your PIF’s are low etc)

also have you burned games in the past on that burner your using now to burn the 360 games? … cause trying another burner might not be a bad idea to… but from someone i was just talking to… it appears the earlier Hitachi drives had issues with media detection when using older firmware at times… so im ‘guessing’ your burner is probably fine.

bottom line… if the backup passes abgx360, and it will not play on ixtreme 1.4 firmware, then get a new drive for the xbox360… a non-hitachi drive preferably… cause im guessing you currently have a Hitachi drive in your xbox360.


Thanks NBR.

After much Gnashing of teeth and making gutteral noises that put me on the verg of being committed I have finally found the issue.

It appears that there is nothing wrong with the way I’ve been burning the games as they work fine in an Xbox that DOES NOT have the Hitachi drive. There must be an issue between the Hitachi Drive and the Liteon LH-18A1P Burner.

To get over this I have also discovered through a friend that games burnt with the Pioneer DVR-111D work fine in the Hitachi driven Xbox 360. So after making 9 copies of Forza 2, I really like that game, I’ve decided to purchase the Pioneer Drive, I also love Ebay.

Maybe now my sanity will return and my blood pressure will return to somewhere within the normal range.


yeah Pioneer 111D is good (alot of people generally recommend that for XBox360 burning) or anything newer is probably fine to.

so after all that stuff it turned out to be Hitachi not liking your dvd burner… im surprised that your Lite-On does not work, probably due to the Hitachi’s being pickier drives in general vs Samsung/BenQ etc.

cause my older Lite-On 1673S burner (which i got in 2005) burns games perfectly fine @4x for my XBox360 which has a Samsung MS28 drive in it.

p.s. i am also a HUGE fan of Forza 2 myself (i play with ALL assists off as it makes the game more fun and challenging that way) … it’s pretty much the ONLY ‘real’ reason i have my XBox360 to this day :wink: