Backup without menu - possible to make menu?

Yup, thats it. Is it possible to make a private/custom menu to a disk containing only the main-title? I’ve made a backup of the main-titles on the two first discs in the LOTR3-box, on one disc (DVD+R DL). My problem is that my standalone DVD-player won’t play off DVD’s without a menu. I’ve tried to use Nero Vision Express in order to make a menu, but NVE recodes the whole title, and builds iy up again, and during this process the subtitle-files are lost…

If anybody can help me out here, I’d be really glad. :bow:

Short version: Main title with subtitle-files needs menu…, possible or not?

Yes. You need an authoring program like DVDLabs or adobe encore

anything is possible;42

the problem must be deeper than simply not having a menu because dvds aren’t required to have menus in order to play in any player. your dvds must be somehow authored incorrectly to begin with. how exactly did you back them up?

Backup made using NeroVision Express, without menu, only keeping english language and norwegian subs. Works just fine is I make the same backup and includes the menu, but then my purpose is gone, cause then I’ll have to make backups on two discs…

PS: My DL-backup plays just fine without the menu in my neighbours DVD-player…

Thanx guys, I will now read reviews on the progs you’re recommending, before buying…

I’ve got Ulead Movie Factory, but this prog works just like Nero, removes the subs. Hav you tried DVDLabs or Adobe encore yourself?

Made it!
PgcEdit was the answer to my problem.
@G)-(osters: Thank you for the link!