Backup with my +R or -R?



I wasn’t quite sure which forum to put this in but here goes:

I’ve got 100 8x -R TY’s and 50 8x +R TY’s as well as ~40 Ritek G05’s (ANV).

I’ve flashed my NEC 3500 with Herries 2.17 (+R bit set to ROM) and so far the few burns that I have made (majority using the G05’s played in my Samsung Xbox drive) have been fine.

I can’t do any CDDVDspeed/Kprobe tests as I don’t have a LiteOn DVDR or DVDROM.

Question is now, which media would I be better off using for backups? I have quite a few files (at least 6+ dvd’s worth) to backup and now I am spoilt for choice.


Both -R and +R TY discs are excellent. The Ritek G05 discs are really good as well, but I’d prefer TY media for important backups. Just choose accordingly.

The bottom line is: You have a pretty exquisite “taste” when it comes to (DVD-) media. I like that. I wish more people would be like you. I wish less people would pollute their drives with Bulkcrap, Princo and other potential coasters.


I now use DVD+R with the booktype set to DVD-ROM for everything. (I use TY also :bigsmile: Great media ) There are a lot of opinions, but to me it just seems like DVD-ROM is more compatible and reads faster in some drives. I look at it as more “future proof” too. But again that’s just how I look at it.



Both my 3500’s prefer -R media and I get my best burns with the Taiyo Yuden 8x -R’s and those are what I would go with for your backup IMHO-

Happy Burnin’



I feel like the “E/Ambassador” from the Ferrero Roche adverts :bigsmile: :smiley: .
With this TY you’re really spoiling us :smiley: :iagree:

I will probably use the -R TY’s as they have a printable white surface (which to me gives it an extra layer of top protection) while my +R TY’s are silver topped.


off toppic

Do you ever print to the Printable TY’s? If so, do they come out pretty good?


No, never printed to them. I don’t have a DVD/CD Printer device.

The only reason I have printable tops is because they were the only genuine TY media in stock when I bought them (


Actually, you have a point. Printable media is more robust due to the extra printable layer indeed, so if you guys have the choice, buy the printable version, even if you don’t intend to print to them.

Btw., those Roché adverts… and I thought that only us teutons are plagued with clichéd ads like those. :wink: Been a while since I visited Britain though…


Yeah! those ANV G05’s from SVP are pretty good. I also tried out their Datawrite (FUJIFILM 03) Grey (8x) DVD-R’s and they work just as well in the Thomson Xbox drive. :wink:

Slightly Off topic!!:

How much worse is DVD media in general when compared with CDR’s for the purposes of archiving data…Also is there a dye comparison chart which states order of preference w.r.t. archiving anywhere??

Thanks! :slight_smile:


Slightly noob Question :wink: :
Why is that ? I thought scratching the top surface of a DVD wouldn’t matter
because the recording layer is in the middle (sandwich-like).
So the printable surface would only add some more protection from
UV light right ?


You are wrong…
The top surface is very close to the recording layer, so scratching it will damage the dvd :cool:


But do slight scratches matter ? I always thought that scratches on the top
won’t matter as long as they are not really deep ?
And if I look at the side of a DVD, both glued-together discs look
as it they’re equally thick (each about 0.5 mm), so I can’t imagine that scratching the top does matter as 0.5 mm of plastic seems
protective enough to me :confused: :confused: :confused:


The thickest layer of a DVD is the plastic disc itself. Most other layers are very thin and even the smallest of scratches can damage a disc.

If you scratch the bottom you might have trouble reading a disc because of the laser not focusing, scratch the top and there is nothing for the laser to read.

I’ve not had a DVD damaged from the top yet, but I have had some CD’s that have flaked at the top from a small scratch. The discs that tend to be more prone to top damage are the bare silver top ones. Others that have full surface logos tend to be slightly more resistant but the best are the printable topped discs.


Of course it’s “protective enough” (for most people at least), printable layer on top is just extra. That’s what I meant. If you can get the printable ones (at the same price), buy those because they are mechanically more robust. This doesn’t mean that the non-printable ones are not robust at all, depending on the brand.


I came close to buying a cheap pack of Datawrite (FUJIFILM 03) Grey when I bought my NEC. Instead I bought 2 packs of the Ritek ANV’s.

As for DVD media over CD-R media quality, I would think that by the time 16x discs are around, the dye quality and disc standards would be as good as the lastest CD-R quality. It will be the gimmicks like TDK’s scratch proof discs that will make certain discs that much better.


16x media is already available here (UK).

I find the Datawrite Greys burn fine at 8x in my 3500A.


It is true only for CDRs. The recording layer of a DVD is exactly in the middle, at least the standards say so. So a scratch on the top surface should be less problematic compared to the same scratch on the bottom surface.


Where are you buying the 16x discs Rambaud?