Backup with MS-8348


I’ve just reinstalled Windows XP on a PC and want to tajke a backup of the base install with all the patches applied so that i dont need to apply all the patches again should i need to reinstall Windows XP. I’ve tried using both Norton Ghost and Novabackup and both fail when trying to write to the CD-RW. The CD-RW is an MSI CD-RW MS-8348 V110D, this was strange to me as i went to the MSI site and it talks abot MS-8348A and MS-8348B but not MS-8348 so im abit concerned about flashing the drive up to the current spec.

Anyhow i have used windows XP to burn to both a CDR and a CDRW and this was usccesful. Why cant i burn to a CDR through either Ghost or Novabackup. I know its burnt something as the CD becomes totallu unuseable.

Any help greatly appreciated

Can’t you write the image to an different partition and then write the imagefile to CDR(/DVDR) with Nero for example?

Of try Powerquest Drive Image.

The drive doesnt have another partition to write to. Its a PC used mainly for WP and a very basic spec.

Wont powerquest have the same issues? Novabackup didnt work either when i tried it