Backup with menus and extras

I tried to backup a movie, I followed all the steps from the guide posted by Jdobbs, everything seems to go smoothly, the movie works great in powerdvd, but I get errors when I try to burn in Nero. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks

I don’t know which guide you’re referring to but before you try burning it, try opening each of the ifo files with IFOedit (save the video ts for last) and get vts sectors on each of them. Then try burning it.
Hope this helps.

thanks, but no dice. I get warnings from nero before burning about some kind of read / write error, but powerdvd plays it fine from the hdd. Pls someone fix me

I followed the Jdobbs guide and also encountered the Nero warnings (errors?). I just ignored them and burned the DVD. The disks worked perfectly on my PC and two standalone DVD players.

Try a R/W DVD first, before you commit to a permanent burn.


I am having the same problem with Nero. I am using ver, have downloaded ver and will try that.

But have got CopyToDVD and that appears not to care and copies the DVD files no problem. This is a freeware program

Hope this helps

Nero is still buggy(I’m waiting for next version).Check if VIDEO_TS.VOB exists.Nero wants it although a DVD without a VIDEO_TS.VOB is 100% compatible.
If you still have problems you can use ImgTool(create image)
and DVDDecrypter(burn image) until new version of Nero is out.
Both are freeware;)

Those who are having problems might want to check to make sure that the backup file that ifoupdate created is not in the directory that you are trying to burn. If it’s present there, many burning utilities will balk at a burn since this file is not a proper member of the video title set. Furthermore, if you do accomplish a burn, this file can cause a problem for many standalone DVD players

Look for a file named XXX.IFO.BAK and move it or delete it from the directory you’re trying to burn.

I cannot find the thread…but someone had asked ealier in the week if a guide could be written for keeping the movie and the menus only. I too would benefit from such a guide. The menu gives an added touch to the movie. The extras on the other hand are irrelevant. Could someone please take the time to help the less technically inclined in having a movie with a workable menu.

Thank you.