Backup Using Two DVD Drives



Is it possible using CloneDVD to read on one drive and write on another at the same time? Both drives are LG GSA-H10L


It’s possible, but not recommended. Use Write existing data button, browse to your source drive.
CloneCD,(which also does DVD) is better suited for on the fly burning.


I don’t think CloneDVD2 will do on the fly. I believe it always writes temp files to hard drive before burning.


Hi strachan,:slight_smile:
That was always my belief as well, untill a couple of weeks ago, when it was being discussed in this thread.
To see if it would work, I just tried this approach with a single layer movie, and it burnt 3.87gb in 9 min 25 sec. on the fly.
I did not have any DL media to try a double layer disk, (and probably wouldn’t have tried because of their expense), but I believe this would work as well. However, I don’t think the layer break would remain in the original position, do to reading the original in file mode.
Provided that no transcoding takes place, it appears that the temp file is not nessesary.
I know this has been discussed before, but I could not find the posts readily.
Perhaps someone more knowledgeable, can jump in with a more complete explanation.


Yes, I see what you mean, sockeye, using that third box, “write existing data”, you can copy on-the-fly. Tried it myself, and it took about 9 minutes, 30 seconds, which is not too bad. That was with a single layer.

brenjg, if you do want to transcode and burn on-the-fly, the only program I have used that will do that is Nero Recode.


Thanks for posting that strachan, I didn’t know this was possible with Recode.
I’ll have to give that a try. :slight_smile: