Backup using Nero Start Smart

Hi all.

I tried a whole series of Backup systems without any success. Something was always wrong - something was never quite right.

Then I discovered that Nero Start Smart has a Backup facility integrated into it. So I did a full Backup to my external hard drive.

My problem now is that I can’t find the incremental Backup option. When I click button to show the options for ‘Backup type’ - the dropdown menu only shows full backup as the only option.

This can’t be right. There is even a panel that explains the different kinds of Backup.

I’d appreciate any help with this.

After trying out various Backup software, such as Acronis, Cobian, Genie, and Windows backup systems, I can only say that these need a total overhaul to simplify them for the non-professional user.

The Guides are a dog’s dinner of confusing verbiage that newbies like me cannot decipher to save our lives.

Some restriction of the Nero OEM version, maybe?