Backup unsuccessful using a variety of software

I back up all our DVD’s that our 3yr old has “access to”.

I have not had any issues until HERBIE - FULLY LOADED.

DVDFAB Decrypter - stalls out and jams and locks computer up

DVDShrink - stalls out and jams and locks computer up

ANYDVD and DVDCLONE dont work.

is there some CSS issue or other I am missing?

this is ticking me off.

nothing seems to be able to rip the disc … once that is done - I hope the burn works


exact error messages?

problems ripping or burning?

what burner? what firmware?

what media?

saying “herbie doesn’t work” isn’t adequate information for us to help you solve your problem. please provide a little more info and maybe we can get to the bottom of it.

all versions of software were re-DL’d this weekend - was a hopeful fix

no error messages - just lockup - I have been leaving the comp un-attended most of the time during rip/or burn. Laundry never stops with little kids

the issue is during RIPPING

TDK 880N is the DVDRW

media? - issue is rip - but i have been using Comstar DVD-R cheap stuff

so your system freezes when you try to rip it without any error messages in any programs?

what happens if you try to rip a different disc?

is your copy of herbie new or are there any visible scratches, fingerprints, marks, etc on it (this should cause an error message, not straight up freezing, but it’s worth checking)

also it’s good practice to include version numbers when posting a problem for a couple reasons.

first, anydvd is updated so freakin often it’s easy to miss one. since you said you dled recently, I’ll assume you have

second, there are 2 different programs with teh name clonedvd (which is what I assume you’re using and not “dvd clone” as you put it.)

the REAL clonedvd is version

so yeah. what happens when you try a different disc? is hte problem unique to herbie?

have you made any software changes since the last time you successfully ripped a disc.

what are your system specs?

the Herbie disc is used some - wife picks most of our movies up at the video rental store when they unload about 2/3 of the rental stock once the newness of the movie release has worn off.

examination of the disc does not show any marks worse than other discs I have backed up.

this weekend - I backed up Tomb Raider, Guess Who, Red Eye, Godzilla, and attempted Herbie about a dozen times - I have done two successfully after Herbie was tried so I dont think anything is mechanically buggered in the drive.

it seems to be something about that disc.

anydvd was DL’d today

system is a 1.7 celeron, 512mb ram - lotsa available HD space ( 90 GB )

the tdk burner is in an external 5.25 box running thru USB 2.0 to the computer which is under the desk

I use the tdk for almost everything - but do have a CDRW drive in the main box for booting and copying cd’s disc-to-disc

does the disc playback ok on your standalone?

how about on the pc?

also, what region/format are we talking about here?

it seems strange that something about that disc will cause the system to freeze. I’m wondering if it’s some kind of weird mastering error. is there any way you can exchange it for another copy? I work at a video store and we’ll exchange for the same title no questions asked most of the time with receipt or not.

i’ve never had an experience where a particular disc would cause everything to freeze up. now that we’ve got some info out of you and into this thread maybe someone else will have a suggestion…

just another thing to throw out there…is there anyway you can try it in a different computer?

the disc plays fine in both the stand-alone dvd players in the house

havent tried watching it on PC

will try that on my work laptop tomorrow as well as ripping it on the laptop as well - the 'top is a 3GHz P4 with 512MB ram and 800 fsb - and the native dvd burner that some with it ( Acer 1804WSMI )

region 1 disc and players

it could have the latest protection on the disk. most software cant bypass it i.e dvdshrink usualy stops at around 15% when scanning the disk , you would need the latest dvd decrypter then select Files and send ALL files to your hard-drive then use dvdshrink by using open files, then select the VIDEO_TS folder dvd decrypter created with the film herbie inside it. then continue to backup

unless the disk is damaged


Use latest AnyDVD together with DVD Decrypter. Set AnyDVD to jump directly to “main movie”. This works with RPC2 versions. :slight_smile:


I looked at my settings … the box for “simulate RPC2” is checked.

How does that affect things ( not knowing what the hell RPC2 is :slight_smile: )

I have DL’d ANYDVD today ( Monday ) - I do not have DVD Decrypter

I do have … CLONEDVD, DVD FAB Decrypter, NERO6,


For details and questions about settings in AnyDVD goto our forum section. :slight_smile:
if you live in region1, this box shouldn’t be ticked AFAIK. I’ve never tested this though because I live in region 2.

IMO this thread would also benifit by being moved there.

I DL’d the trials of ANYDVD and CLONEDVD today and installed on my work laptop.

Herbie ripped and burned just fine - took about 40 minutes for the burn though ( most other DVD’s had burned in about 20 minutes.

sounds like your laptop has a better reader than your home PC.

hahahahha - I wouldnt doubt it

the home computer is cobbled together from used and ebay parts

the work machine is a fairly high-end Acer