Backup Unprotected Data DVD-ROM Disk



I’d like to backup my driving test instruction disk. It’s NOT a DVD-Video disk, and contains about 7Gb of data on a single sided 2 layer DVD.

Is there any way to compress it onto a DVD-R 4.3Gb disk?..or do I HAVE to use dual layer media?


Probably not. It is theoretically possible to compress the files in some way, but you would lose all functionality and be forced to decompress each time you wanted to use the disc. And compressing 7 GB to DVD5 is iffy to begin with. If you are very familiar with the contents, you could try downsampling any audio or video files to save space. People often do so with DL xbox and PS2 backups, although again, dropping 3 GB is no walk in the park.


If your willing to spend a little money CloneCD will make a 1:1 duplicate of your media to another 2 layer DVD media. CloneDVD I don’t know but I think from my uses on movies was able to compress a 8.4G media to 4.3G media. But if it not CSS protected as your disk CloneCD should be suit your needs…plus it has a 21 day trial before it expires or you have to purchase it. But from my experience when you do purchase CloneCD purchase AnyDVD as well it will decrypt any protection on you media to be able to duplicate the media. But if you want to compress your media from 7G to 4.3G, CloneDVD will compress the media to 4.7 single layer media. The software is from The software from them is worth the money spent on them. But they all have 21 day trials on them. I am in now way advocating purchasing them but I am only giving my own experiences in using all three software.


None of those programs will help the OP. He stated quite clearly that the disc is not DVD-Video. If he wants to use DL media, he can just make a simple copy without using any pay software.


Thanks people…you sort of confirm what I had suspected (ie: use dual layer media).
I do own a copy of CloneCD and am a big fan. I reasoned that if the manufacturer could have squeezed all the data onto a DVD-5 disk…he would have…and that they were forced to use dual layer because of the amount of data involved.



Not sure what the point btspm was making. I said media not DVD. I was only confirming his use of CloneCD to backup his non-CSS media.


My point was that you mentioned CloneDVD’s ability to move a movie originally on a DVD9 to a DVD5 as if it were relevant to his problem. The statement is misleading and completely irrelevant to the OP’s problem. CloneDVD does not actually compress the original data. It works by transcoding the video, which actually discards much of the original data- both unacceptable and impossible to implement for non-A/V applications.

Additionally, had the OP not already owned CloneCD, it would not have been necessary for him to buy a pay program to copy the DVD. Data DVDs are rarely protected, and when they are, there are no programs (including CloneCD) that can currently make a 1:1 copy of a DVD protected by, for example, Safedisc.