Backup to DVD-R DL; 2 drives at once?



I have 80GB of photos to backup to DVD for offsite storage/arhiving. Yes, they’re already mirrored onto USB 2.0 HDDs, but I want to go put a set in a safe deposit box on DVD. I have the following available to do it…fast XP system, 2GB RAM, 8x DVD(+/-)R/RW DL drive that came with and a new Sony DRU-830A SS23…
I have Verbatim DVD+R DL media (MIS) and would prefer to use those for 8.5GB per DVD. I do also have DVD+R and -R Sony MIJ media as well.
I have Nero 7.x latest and Roxio 9 latest.
I think I strongly prefer to write DVDs of the files that can be used in any PC as opposed to using NeroBackItUp or Roxio’s backup program.
I have started out using Roxio Easy CD Creator and writing the DVD+R DLs with Verify turned on. Man that takes a long time!!
I do have the two DL drives available so I tried writing to them both and I seem to always get a failure and coaster from the first drive listed above, altho if I use just one drive am fine.
Bottom line questions are two:
1- Can I use the SW I have to write backups to the 2 DVDs at once, i.e. DVD#1 writing in Drive E: and DVD#2 writing in F: at same time?
2- Have I got it right in first place for how to do this?



(cont’d.)…to clarify, seems I can only ‘span’ a bunch of DVD+R DLs with Roxio CD Creator, if I try with Nero, it just says this disk won;t hold your project get one that will and put it in. Seems that Roxio will let me write to 2 drives at once, but seems to fail on one of the drives every time I try and then the whole process is shot.


I think you’ve answered your own questions. You tried burning to two drives at once and it screwed up. Can’t speak from experience, as I’ve never tried to do this, but it is something I wouldn’t even attempt. Why waste disks? Or risk corruption of data just to save a little time?

If you are serious about using these dvds as an archive, I would use single layer disks. If your +R Sony disks are Taiyo Yuden, this will be as good as it gets. Dual layer disks, even Verbatim, are an unknown quantity for archival use. Even with the TY single layer, I would periodically check the condition of the disks, and plan on reburning them at 4 to 5 year intervals.


I agree with what kerry writes above, going the single layer way is safer by all means.

But you should be able to write down simultaneously on both recorders on DL verbatim media. Just check that:

  • DMA is enabled for your hdd and drives
  • The hdd is defragmented and generally in good condition
  • using the same dvd recorders with the same firmware version would be better to make sure they use the same write strategies etc
  • Write at the same speed the media, preferably at 2.4x since you are using different recorders
  • Finally use another software if roxio fails (ie Nero or Diskjuggler)


When burning multiple discs with Nero the drives MUST be identical, you would also be copying the same files to both drives so in fact making duplicate copies.


No the drives dont have to be identical by any means, using Nero or not makes no difference. It is a process that I and many others have followed many times before.

The files can also not be the same (using 2 instances of Nero), but the speed the hdd reads the files will be an issue in that case. Having two separate sata drives should solve that problem.


Thanks for the input. I suspect that I can burn the -R single layer DVDs much faster and gain back some of the time saved going DL (and a bunch of the money) huh?