Backup Teleatlas Navigation CD

I want to make a backup copy of my teleatlas navigation CD.
The CD is protected (I think it’s safedisk, but not sure).

I tried a simple CD Copy in CloneCD, but my car navigation system doesn’t work with the backup CD (I cannot test it in my PC, only in my car).

I need your help:
How can I detect what is the exact cd protection?
How can I make a full working copy?
What software should I use?

Note: I have two CD Writers:

  • HP 9100i series in my home PC
  • One in my Fujitsu-Siemens laptop (don’t know the model)


Hi zedamanivela,

at first we need to know the protection, use aray scanner which you can get here When you know it please post it and helping you out will be much easier :slight_smile:

I tried the A-Ray Scanner and it didn’t detect the protection.
But I tried ClonyXXL v2.0.1.5 and it tells me that the protection is “SafeDisk V2”.


Are you able to view the files on this CD with your PC? I ask because there are some navigation software CDs that do not use normal PC type file systems at all. If you can see the files with your PC, you should be able to find the protection and beat it.

I’m able to view the files in the cd.

Hello,perhaps reading here for a start and then this and this could be a start for you to help you make a back-up? Good luck!/gs.

I’ve tried a backup with Alcohol v1.9.2.1705 in Safedisc 2/3 mode and default options, with my HP cd writer.
It took a long time (1x read and 1x write), but didn’t work :frowning:

I found this info on emule
I used clone cd with safe disk 2 scaning to make an image
but ran out of disks before finding this info, will try out and let people know when I get more disks

IF you have Problems burnin’ this files:

  • use only 650 MB CDRs. My Audi Navi doesn’t like 700MB CDRs.
  • try burnin’ with lowest speed. 24x didn’t but 8x did
  • use as the cdname the data from info.txt:

worm: “cd1-1386 v3”

  • “cd1-1386 v3” seems to be the same for all 3 cds

  • use: ISO9660, Track-At-Once, close disk.

  • don’t use Nero because this program doesn’t allow you to use spaces in the disk name

  • I used NTI CD-Maker-Professional

maybe this file is helpful for you

hello, I have the same problem and want to backup the TELEATLAS navigation CD; does anyone know how to do the job ? what tools and profiles are needed ?

I’ve tried different brands, and different softwares (Alcohol, Blindwrite, clonecd), and nothing works.

In another forum, someone said that the teleatlas cd is recorded with mkisofs image software (mixed mode iso9660 and hfs or jolied).

Is this of any help?