Backup SW CDs to DVD?

I would like to back up some of my software (for example, Microsoft Office or Photoshop) to DVDs.

Will the DVDs work if I need to reinstall the software ?

If the answer is “yes and no”

when is it ok and when is it not ?

thanks for any help.

I was just thinking the exact same thing, seriously! :smiley:
(was just reading the rotting CD thread and got a little worried, plus it would be nice to fit my 300 or so CD’s onto only 50 DVD’s)

Give me a sec to ponder about this…

Ok this should work. I was thinking of just burning ISO’s of each CD to the DVD. Then I could mount these ISO’s with any common mounting tool (they are all over the place, even included with some burning programs like Alcohol 120% etc).


  1. Create an ISO images using whatever software you have that can create an ISO (Alchohol 120%, Nero? etc).
  2. Burn these ISO’s to DVD as data.
  3. When you want to install the program(s) mount the ISO on a virtual CD drive with daemon tools Alcohol 120% etc.

Hmmmm sounds good to me!

I’m sure this has already been talked about and there may be a better way. Anyone tried the above method to verify it works?

waiting in anticipation


Edit: I have a feeling this is in the wrong forum…

I think it’s going to depend on the software in question, but simply creating folders on the DVD and putting all the software files in a folder on the DVD might work in many cases. The ISO idea is good too.

Oh, and I’ll move this to the software forum. :wink:

as long as you dont plan to boot from any of the software :wink:

Hmmm I’m surprised that no one else has already tried/asked this question!

I will be looking at giving the above method a shot in the next few days. If I remember I will let you all know how it goes.

I’ve been burning all my apps on DVD since I bought my DVD recorder. What I did, is simply making ISO’s of all the CDs I wanted on DVD and made data DVDs with the ISO files on there. As a nice addon, I added Deamon tools to every DVD, so I can access my ISO files everywhere I want… easy eh? :slight_smile: