Backup Star Wars a New Hopw

New to burning and new to the forum.

Got the star wars trilogy, and attempted to do a backup copy. I ran it through DVD Decrypter and then tried to burn the file with Roxio 6 to a DVD+R. It looked to be working until about 55%, then stopped doing anything, though windows manager said the program was still running. When I look at the blank disc, it says nothing was saved to it, so I tried burning some photos to it, but that didn’t work. I was using Sony media and a NEC 3500A.

I also tried to play the file that I saved of the movie through DVD Decrypter and the picture was scrambled.

Well, I copied all three of the trilogy disc’s using DVD Shrink and Nero. I ended up compressing it down to 62% or so and it still looked great.