Backup software

Hi all,

I’m trying to find some decent backup software so that I can back up my music and photos onto DVDs. However, all the products I have tried so far have fallen short.

Nero Back It Up - stopped the backup process after the first DVD, and confusingly displayed the backup size as 0KB. Also seems to take 40+ minutes to burn & verify a DVD!? Thus the backup obviously didn’t work.

Acronis True Image 10 - crashed the backup process at the second DVD, citing a 0x4000A error. This doesn’t instill confidence either.

Backup Genie - backed up all data onto DVDs with the ‘verify data after burn’ box ticked quite quickly - so far so good. When I went to verify the data after the backup had finished, failed on the second disk and wouldn’t let me continue (even though I had the ‘verify’ option set). Had to throw out the 7 DVDs.

Ideally, I’d like the following features (which I’m surprised the major guys haven’t come out with yet!)

  • Incremental backup
  • Preferably no packet writing software required
  • Something which actually works
  • Can pause/stop/resume a backup (60 + GB for my photos requires lots of burning time)
  • Can reburn a single disc that fails the verify EITHER at the time of backup OR at the time of verifying the backup’s integrity
  • doesn’t use a proprietary/compressed format. Just plain old folders will do fine for data that doesn’t compress well anyway
  • allows re-ordering moving of folders (eg: onto a different drive, into a different folder) without having to reburn all 60GB of data

I’ve gone through each of these requirements in theory and it seems possible (of course in theory) :wink: