Backup software with additional error correction data (and universal reading)

I’m quite sure I bumped into a software like this on the web, but I can’t seem to be able to find it anymore…

I’m looking for a backup software (mainly for CD-R, but DVD-R/+R is a plus) that has the following:

  • Backs up data on to a standard ISO/UDF format
  • Backup can be read using any other system, without additional software (i.e. it is NOT in a backup software specific format)
  • NO compression, no encryption
  • Calculates and saves additional error detection / correction data about the payload data on the disc. This ECD, when used in conjunction with the backup software, can be used to increase the likelihood of data recovery in case of errors on the disc exceed the normal error correction level of Orange Book discs

Considering the advancement of error correction algorithms (e.g. turbo-codes) and the increase of disc sizes, I wouldn’t mind sacrificing, say 10-20% of each disc capacity for improved error correction.

I just can’t seem to be able to find such a software, but I’m pretty sure I saw it for sale on the web.



AccuBurn from InfinaDyne (it’s not completely what I want), has anyone tried it?

Found a software (thanks to dodecahedron) that calculates additional EDC/ECC for files: Macecraft ByteGuardian.

However, it doesn’t provide low level erroneus disc reading capabilities nor recording options for ECD/double directories.


I have such Backup software(with Error Correction).

My Error Correction fuction can restore original data form destroied data by MAXIMUM 75%.

Do you have an interesting?

Thank you for your look!