Backup software that sequentially writes to multiple DVD burners...?



Hi all!

I’m looking for PC backup software that will allow me to specify 2 (or more) DVD burners and will then proceed to backup the system to the first burner, and then proceed automatically onto the second when the 1st fills up…then back to the 1st after a media change, etc.

Does anyone know of anything out there?

I own BackupMyPC (formerly BackupExec), and it doesn’t do this.
I’ve tried the trial versions of BackupNOW! 4 and Drive Backup! 4 from NTI and these don’t support more than a single burner either.
I’ve also tried another pgm called BackupNOW from C I with no luck either.

I’d just like to figure out a way to take advantage of multiple burners so I can make my backup somewhat unattended.

Thanks! :slight_smile:




I just discovered that the NTI programs DO indeed support multiple burner spanning…

I guess I’m still open to any other pgms that support this functionality for a little comparison shopping :slight_smile:




Did you found something ?