Backup Software for Removable Media



Looking for suggestions.

What is best software to Backup Directories/Folders from a hard disk to multiple Double Layer DVDs??

Just bought a DVD burner that supports DVD+R Double Layer.

I want to archive some Adobe Premiere Elements projects, which range from 10GB to 35GB, to clear out disk space. The included software is Nero Express which does not seem to span multiple DVDs. Some of my projects are 30GBs and I want to be able to archive a project to a set of Double Layer DVDs.

Also, I want to keep files in uncompressed and identical order to what is on disk drive.

  • I tried CyberLink PowerBackup 2.5 but that creates a “backup” file which contains the files, so I can’t access them directly without Cyberlink.

  • I tried the included Nero Express and that doesn’t span DVDs.

  • I tried Acronis, but that also creates a “backup” file which contains the files, so I can’t access without Acronis.

I tried Backup4All 3.7 and that seems to do the job.

Any other Suggestions than Backup4All???


Try DVD Shrink 3.2


DVD Shrink is used for “shrinking” Video DVDs; it doesn’t in any way make it possible to create Data DVDs and is irrelevant for this task.


Just copy and paste the files


Copying and pasting files to a DVD only works in Windows Vista but not in Windows XP, unless you install additional software.

There’s no builtin DVD recording in Windows XP or earlier Windows versions.


Liar I have done it before


Oh wait sorry I guess it doesn’t work with dvds that aren’t rw though my suggestion is to instead of using DVDs, just buy a hard drive and ide/sata to usb cable. You can probably get a cheap hard drive and cable at either or


But I’m pretty sure Nero does DVD9(DVD DL)


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