Backup software always ask to erase DVD+RW even if it is already done!




I got a brand new Pioneer DVR-109 last week. It is working well in Nero,
CDBurnerXp Pro and another freeware burning applications.

It works well too with Image for Windows 1.51 except for one thing: when I
use DVD+RW that were erased with any of the already mentioned applications,
Image ask me if “I want to erase media”. Of course, I answer yes and there
is no problem doing the backup and validating the image.

Strangely, if I insert one of these erased DVD+RW in other burning
program, none of these warn me that I must erase the media. However,
CDBurner XP Pro gives me the info (in the media property page) that the
DVD+RW was closed last session.

Please note that I tried with 2 brand of medias: Mitsumi and Sony, all of
them 4x DVD+RW and that I have the latest firmware for my Pioneer.

I also tried to format with DVDInfo Pro: same behavior in Image for Windows.

Thanks a lot.


Hi Patrice :slight_smile:

You yourself mention it’s only with one single software…

I’d bet it’s a built-in annoyance of this particular program, asking you “if you want to erase the media” as soon as a RW is detected, would it be used or blank.

Check help files for the program. This should be your first reaction when a software acts strangely, before worrying about the rest (hardware, medias…). My opinion of course.

Cheers :slight_smile:

P.S. Hint: you don’t need to hit “return” at the right end of the window when writing your posts :wink:


Thanks a lot for your answer Francksoy.

I noticed one more thing: I must absolutely erase the medias with DVDInfo Pro. Erasing with other software or erasing via Image for Windows when the backup starts (Image as a built-in erase function allowing to reuse media without blanking it before) gives me a “corrupt image stream” when I validate the backup.

Even more, if I erase the DVD+RW’s with CDBurner XP Pro or Deepburner, it causes strange things like DVD burner refusing to eject the tray or LED staying busy… Also, in these cases (erasing with these two apps), the media is not really erased and I can’t write anything on the discs.

Probably a picky DVD burner when using DVD+RW or a firmware problem… or like you said, a built-in annoyance of some particular applications.

I’d bet it’s a built-in annoyance of this particular program, asking you “if you want to erase the media” as soon as a RW is detected, would it be used or blank.

If the media is brand new, there’s no warning message and all is fine. Only when reusing a DVD+RW.


Well, bad news (for me). I tried the same thing with Nero:

  • I burnt a DVD+RW full of data then I reused the same disc witout erasing
    it. Nero warns me that the data will be destroyed. I hit ok and burnt a
    second set of data on the disc and there was an error when verifying the


So, do you think my burner is bad? I can only reuse DVD+RW if they’re erased with DVDInfo Pro prior to a second burning.

Trying to reuse them without erasing gives me CRC errors in any burning application. If erased by DVDInfo Pro (quick or full format), data is absolutely fine.

Also, burning on cheap Princo’s DVD 4x gave absolutely no errors…

What do you think?

EDIT: I add a graphic made with Nero CDSpeed on a Mitsumi 4x DVD+RW. There were no CRC errors on the disc.


Nero is shit for erasing RWs!!


So far, here are the facts:

All freeware burning applications (CDBurner XP Pro, Deepburner, HTFireman, Fireburner free), Image for Windows, Record Now! 6.5, Windows XP built-in burner and Nero can’t correctly erase the DVD+RW’s and give CRC errors when using reused medias.

DVDInfo Pro only give error free discs.