Tried to back-up rollercoaster tycoon2 and have been lurcking around.
As a CCD user “I” figured out that I should use CCD image and BWA(???) file and patch with twinpeak.
BWA builder is for reg users(BW) only and as I couldn’t locate a BWA file for RCT2 (Found MDS, but gave no working copy) would this mean that unless I pay $$ for BW(which I’m not planning to use) I can’t backup RCT2 (or other new Securom CD’s)??
Since I had a problem with a malfunction brand new Game CD (TLC Domus) and the trouble to get it replaced, I backup all new game software fore the kids. The latest protections however is making this hardly possible and the way the kids threating the CD’s is waiting for trouble ($$). Is there still hope for me or just $$.