Backup "rare" benq/liteon firmware from the drive itself?

hi there…

i recently bought a Lite-On DW1650…which is a rebranded Philips 8801…which in turn is a rebranded Benq DW1650.
im thinking about upgrading the firmware to the Benq1650 so i can use the Qsuite…

before doing that… i first want to ask if its possible to backup this “rare” liteon/benq firmware?.. if that’s the case and some1 here would like to have a copy of this firmware, just shout out in this thread… (i suppose this firmware brings nothing new but perhaps its a nice collectors item, for BenQ DW1650, and philips 1660/8801 owners)

p.s. perhaps the firmware is not so rare. and perhaps its not even interresting to have that lite-on firmware, but i just wanted to ask in any case… i’ll probably upgrade the firmware in one month, so shout before that if ure interrested (or if its possible to backup)

p.s.2. i hope im not making a fool out of nyself, and it turns out that its just a regular philips 8801 firmware in this one but i dont think so since the drive is identified as a: “DVD DW 8X16X8X16” and the revision is “L.02”

[I]lastninja,[/I] atm there is no tool or other means for backing up firmware on Philips Nexperia chip equiped drives. :wink:

Regarding QSuite and DVD8801 some functions in QSuite are working (see my posts here) although this seems to be a “Lite-On” designed firmware (which I highly doubt).

Good luck with your new BenQ, or in swedish; [I]lycka till![/I] :smiley:

BTW, I haven’t seen any Philips 8801 “L.xx” firmware around. Has somebody a link to it?

tack so much for the answer :slight_smile:

wow, i didnt notice there was an earlier version of the liteon firmware than the one i have (L.02)… hmm… i wonder what could have been added between L.01 and L.02… perhaps L.01 is just liteons own version of BCHC, and in the last minute they got access to BCIC and created L.02 to include with their last batches