Backup PSX game works on PC but not modded PS2

Summary: Backup of PSX game works on PC emulator but is stuck on “reading disk” in modded PS2

Hello all, I’ve been browsing the useful info on these CDFreaks forums for years but this is my first actual post. I’m stumped and hoping to find some help if it can be had.

I have a few old Playstation 1 games that I’m trying to backup, since a friend of mine from Hong Kong has a modded ps2 I’d like to try them on. If I can get this to work, I’ll probably backup more of my games and avoid using the originals to decrease wear (some of the games are still worth $50-100). Here’s what I’m using to attempt this:

CD writer: Samsung TS-L632D drive
CD Media: TDK CD-R 52x (80min/700MB) certified plus
Burning Software: Alcohol 120% ver4.0, CloneCD 531, Nero 7
PS2: non-slimline + modchip

The writer hasn’t given me any problems before writing audio or data CDs, but this is the first time I’ve tried backing up a console game. The media has also yet to give me a bad disk. My friend has backed up ps2 games he uses without trouble on the modded console, but he doesn’t have any backed up ps1 games.

I burned images of a couple games to my HDD and then tested them with emulation software. They worked fine, so I went ahead and burned them to disks. Once again, I tested the burned disks and they also worked fine with a PSX emulator on my computer. However, when I went to try the disks out on my console, after the initial boot sequence I would be stuck at the media selection screen with the memory card image and a message saying “reading disk…” or such. this would go on for a bit until I turned the system off. Same problem with several disks. I burned them using speeds ranging from 1-10x, recommended settings for psx games on cloneCD, playstation settings in alcohol, etc.

I’m going to try different media and a different burner in the next day or so to see if that might make a difference. If the disk works on the PC but not the console, could it be that the PS2 laser is having trouble reading that specific type of CDR? What about copy protection, could that still be an issue? Any suggestions would be appreciated, thanks in advance!

Does the original game play on your psx as well??? That might be something you should try as well to see if it works and play.