Backup PS2

Im fairly certain that this question has been asked over and over again. But I just got a dvd burner and there is so much info and programs on google that im totallly confused. so here it goes.

How exactly can I copy a ps2 game that works without a mod chip because I downloaded some program called dvd wizard pro but i cant figure out how to do it.

No software will copy a PS2 game so that the backup can work without a mod chip or boot disc.

You can’t. You NEED a mod chip, or flip top, or something.

To copy the disc, use DVD Decrypter.




There’s nothing special about a PS2 disc, unless it’s dual-layer in which case it just can’t be copied… at all.

What dvd wizard pro claims to do but actually does is compleatly different…
Have you bought it or are you using the trial…