Backup PS2 games

Hi guys, I used DVD Decrypter to backup my games and copy them, but my games don’t run. Message that comes up…Please enter a PS2 compatible disk.

I even tried Alcohol 120, and had the same problem. I tried 4 different DVD makes as well as DVD-R, and DVD+R disks, and still had the same problem. When I tried to backup a copied game, that worked.

So what I am doing wrong here? Can someone please tell me why I can’t get the orginal games to work?

from what i know, you have to have a mod chip. I think you can even make one out of cardboard if you have a slim ps2. the games have a certain encrypted code that you can’t copy when making back-ups.

nav4339 it would help if you let us know what method you are using to boot your backups. Mod chip? Swap magic? memory card boot?