Backup PS2 games without the need of a swapmagic,modchip, etc



NOTE: This is only for people who have made a big scratch on their disc and wont run properly, Afraid they might lose it, dont want to damage their original disc.

play a backed up PS2 game without a MODchip, Slidecard, Gameshark, and a Swap Magic Disk???

Here goes it took me over a year to figure this out and over a $500 worth of discs :sad:

  1. PS2: Well Duh :confused:

  2. Computer: with a DVD Burner and a CD Burner. Mines a LG Multi… its very cheap and is probably better than the really expensive ones. (cost: $80)

  3. DVD Decrypter will probably be the best one to use although it wont burn every game. 90% of games will burn and play perfectly and only 10% wont.

Thats all the things you need.

Now here are the instructions:

  1. open DVD Decrypter

  2. tools-settings-ISO Read Mode-File Splitting=4.7GB-DVD+RW
    Capacity=Disc and remove all the boxes that are ticked.
    then go to the ISO Write.If you are burning a DVD click DVD and CD=CD as the write mode setting. Untick where it says lock Volume - Excluive access.
    Then go to the CSS setting. Tick in options Detect mastering errors and force decryption key. The key is: A0100. The other half of the page should be a sliding bar (if you dont know what that means, its where it says CSS detection Search Size, DeCSSplus Occurrences etc put it all to max because it varies. after that go to the I/Q settings and pick the Patin-couffin VSO setting (if it doesn’t work just leave it to the default it doesn’t really make a difference it just makes a few games that have VSO decryption work. all that configuration done :clap: .

  3. go to mode=ISO=Read then ISO=Write and burn it onto the disc (i used a SONY and a TOSHIBA Disc brand and it worked perfectly but for some reason brands like Tevion, HYUNDAI and TDK never worked for me). once youve done that you can go to your PS2 and play your Backed up game :bigsmile:

  4. just insert it in and presstoe your able to play without buying expensive accessories (does not include the Disks, Computer and the PS2)

There is also a better way of doing this but you got to have more stuff but instead of 90% of games work 99.9% games will work but it takes too long to explain but if anyone hasnt got a Computer or a DVD Burner tell me and i’ll explain it for you.



With other words you’d say no need for modchips?
Hm, i’m a bit sceptical.




theres no way to play from backups without a modchip sorry - getting a nobel prize is unfortunately out of the question :slight_smile:

it doesn’t really make a difference it just makes a few games that have [u]VSO decryption[/U] work
VSO what?? Do you actually know what Patin-couffin is? I am afraid you are bit confused deanaugust1, sorry.


Maybe this thread should be moved to the Optical Storage Technical Discussions forum so that it can be picked apart by the knowledgeable guys there.


hey man, i dont think this is working, i mean , when i burned the disc i set all the settings the way that u have told, all of the files from the original disc were copied, but when i insert the disc in my playstation 2 it says “please insert a playstation or playstation 2 format disc”… can u assist me ,do u think it is a problem with the disc that i used , i used a staples brand dvd+r disc. i would appreciate it if you would be able to assist me , thnx ,



oo yea, by the way, the game i was trying to burn was Grand Theft Auto: Vice City… mayb that is the problem , thnx , … @!


o . and does anybody know about the Gameshark burning method , does anyone know if that works or anything , i am going to rent gameshark from blockbuster and see if it works with that method , ! peace homiez ! ,…,.

jus call me “GanGstA” for short


im interested how you can make a backup without a dvd burner…


You say that only 10% of games didn’t work, could that be because of the disc used, or the game itself?

What games worked on what discs, and what games didn’t work on what discs?

If you can provide a table or a list of what you tried, and the outcome of all attempts, we might be able to decrease that 10% if we find out what’s wrong…

Also, you say you used SONY discs and TOSHIBA discs. Were they +R, -R, RW etc???


I would say this is a big pile of bullshit


waddup peps, anyone knows a wedsite for downloadin ps2 games?


I would say this is a big pile of bullshit

Not only say… Know… The ps2 checks for a printed disk by reading the media type info from the disk…DVD- +R-RW = failed media check… Don’t waste your time folks, never in a million years will this work. :slight_smile:
It would be hilarious to send it to the optical storage guys…Wouldn’t last 30 seconds with them.


okay so i gave “deanaugust1” some humour and actually sat and tried his rather farfetched idea. u know many people join this forum, some leave, some have great insight into the cause but i think it would be of great intellectual contribution to us all if u never write that level of non-sense again, u wasted your year and $500.00

thank you for your cooperation “deanaugust1”

when i inserted it into the ps2 of course the dvd did not work!!!


Enough of this arrant nonsense. Thread closed.