Backup ps2 games, how?

I have an original, unmodified ps2 (the small 2005 model), and i want to make backups of my games. Kids are quite uncareful and i’m worried that some day soon, original disks get wrecked.

As far as i know, the games can be copied, and i will eighter need a modchip or a bootcd to overcome the consoles’ built in piracy protection. Since i’m not intenting to void warranty on the console, i strongly prefer the use of a bootcd.

But now what? I have lots of questions… How do i proceed?

  • Can i just make an exact duplicate of the game disks using Nero, CloneDVD, DVDdecrypter, Alchol 120%?
  • Do need to know things about settings and preferences before performing the copy?
  • Where can i obtain the data for the bootcd?
  • Do i need just one bootcd?
  • Are there mutiple bootcd versions, which one is best?
  • Can i create a hybrid disk, containing both boot data as well as the backup game?

Can anybody help me with these questions please? :bow:

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The only foolproof method is to mod your unit, after which you can simply make 1:1 backups of the discs with any program.

The protection is physical, not something that can be copied. The only sure way to defeat it is with a MOD chip.

Of course, you CAN use the various boot methods - slide cards, knife trick, flip top. But all of these methods have drawbacks not least of which is the damage to your unit.

The ONLY surefire way without damaging the unit… is a chip.