Backup ProtectDiSC DVD

I have a question about ProtectDiSC…

How can I get a working backup of my Game? It has so many scratches and I need a working Backup on DVD. It’s curious, that ProtectDiSC CDs are working with DPM measuring and burning with RMPS. But on DVDs it says “Please insert the Original Disc bla bla” and a little link on the Website from Protect Software with “Emulator Aktiv”… German Version of the Game Black Mirror III…

I am wondering, why I can’t burn DVDs with Alcohol in RAW DAO Mode. With CDs you have many solutions like RAW DAO, RAW SAO, RAW SAO + 96 SUB and so on… But when you like to write/burn a DVD, you get only the option to write in DAO Mode.

I think that is the problem. When you make a Backup of a Movie DVD, it is not a 1:1. When I compare the Disc, there are some bytes more on the DVD…

I need help with this problem and maybe I can get some information.

Thanks and best regards!

Is there nobody, who can help me or to give me some informations? Is there any DVD-Burner who supports DAO RAW burning or is this not possible because of the specifications of the DVD-Format?

Pls help, because I can’t find informations on Google etc…

Looking at some old threads, RAW burning on DVD media (probably also Blu-ray, by extension) isn’t allowed. It was excluded from the spec for anti-piracy reasons, so there’s no way to make such a duplicate.

Thinking about it, that’s probably why making backup discs for game consoles also requires the game console to have alternative software installed which won’t perform security checks. A similar concept is probably true here. Unfortunately, finding such a workaround is a bit beyond the scope of our ability here.

Sorry, completely missed that thread.
ProtectDISC on DVD doesn’t require a DPM.
Just create a simple MDS or MDX image without special settings.

Your best chances are with the virtual IDE device of DAEMON Tools Pro/Ultra attached to a physical device.

Even when attached to a physical device it’s possible the backup doesn’t work every time.
Do get a perfect backup you need to copy a special ProtectDisc grabber plugin to the Plugins\Grabbers folder of DT Pro/Ultra, and then create an image with the New ProtectDisc profile.
Depending on your drive this can take veeeery long.

ProtectDisc grabber (18.4 KB)

Hey, thank You for the information. I have installed DT Pro and tried to create a virtual drive (IDE; SCIS etc.) and nothing worked. I get the message “Zugriff verweigert” (“Access Denied” for all, who can’t understand german) with a typical windows error cross. Hm, but with Alcohol 120 % (that I’m already using more than 10 years) I don’t get any error. I can’t find anything helpful for this kind of error on the “normal” internet.

Help again :slight_smile: (This is the first time I ever needed help with this things)

Please try to manually delete upper/lower filter entries (if present) as described here ([I]Resolution[/I]):
The CD drive or the DVD drive does not work as expected on a computer that is running Windows Vista (also works on Windows XP/7/8/8.1/10).

Already happened, it doesn’t work o.O That is very strange…

Have you rebooted after that ?

Yap, several times. I’ve tried with DT Lite and the error from ProtectDisc comes “Emulator aktiv”. With Virtual CD I tried do that, what you told me with mounting the image to the physical device. 1. My old Image what I had created with Alcohol and DPM: Insert the original DVD bla bla…
2. The new one I made with DT Pro and the special grabber for the CSS Tag: Insert the original DVD bla bla
3. The newest one with VirtualCD 10 and CD-Geometry reading (same as DPM): I get the “insert original DVD” message with the “emulator aktiv” link…
Unbelievable, so hard like StarForce 3/4 and TAGÈS -.-

With DT lite you can create a vSCSI but with DT Pro you still can’t ? Strange…
Or did you try with a simple [I]DT[/I] device ?

IIRC v1.0 of Black Mirror III works in the vIDE device without attaching.
Maybe we’ll find a solution tomorrow.
Bedtime now, sorry.

P.S.: Virtual CD isn’t capable of emulating ProtectDISC v10.x

P.P.S.: i would also deactivate all other virtual drives/controllers or even better uninstall every other emulation software (also DT lite) when doing your tests with DT Pro …once it works :wink:

Don’t know if you get my answer in the private Message, because of server upgrade/changes whatever.

The standart device, that DT Lite has created on installation, is the one I used.

What is IIRC ?

With VirtualCD I get several times the error message “emulator…” but sometimes the game is starting. With the Image I made with VirtualCD and CD geometry reading. Nothing else worked yet.

I hope you get my private message, too.

[QUOTE=insomnium;2788168]… but sometimes the game is starting. With the Image I made with VirtualCD and CD geometry reading.[/QUOTE]Ok, then they must have massively amended their product :clap:
But it has nothing to do with the geometry data.

IIRC = if i recall correctly

Du hast Post :wink:


[QUOTE=insomnium;2788168]The standart device, that DT Lite has created on installation, is the one I used.[/QUOTE]The latest version 10.5 ?
I’m asking because surprisingly on both of my systems Black Mirror III 1.21 works in the standard DT device :slight_smile:

Looks like Disc-Soft also amended their product.

can you post this file “ProtectDisc grabber” again, the link is dead, btw what version of daemon tools do you use or recommend that has been the most successful against bypassing numerous amount of copy protection with mounted clone images.