Backup ProtectCD 6.00.119



There is a way to backup a dvd with this protection?
I’ve tried Alcohol but didn’t work. (The protection is too new).
Thanks to all.


the software i want to backup is magix video deluxe 2007 plus.


Which settings did you use for reading and writing?


I had only the image, with alcohol, using skip reading error and DPM to max.
When i use the image the software don’t start, and show a message box:

  1. insert original disc
  2. emulator detected


Try using YASU to eliminate blacklisting when running the application from a mounted image.


nothing, it continue saying: insert original disc.
maybe is impossible to do a working backup at the moment…


ProtectCD 6.00.119 seems a bit outdated since Protect DiSC 7.7 is already out. also the version output is a bit strange, u used aray to detect it?
magix video deluxe 2007 was released back in the end of 2006, so my bet is on Protect DiSC 7.x.
but if it´s really v6, chances are good it will work with mini/maxi image and some virtual cd hider like VirtualCDHide :wink: