Backup program

Hi everyone,

I was wondering if anyone knew of any good backup programs out there. I have tried to use Nero BackItUp but it fails in a couple of key areas. Firstly, the ability to complete a backup over multiple backup sessions (at the moment you have to backup 40GB all in one sitting), and more annoyingly, the fact if one disc fails, it doesn’t give you an option to reburn the disc, or recover in someway, effectively invalidating all of the discs you may have burnt in the backup job so far.

I have also tried Acronis True Image 9, but again, it lacks the above features.

So I’m wondering if there’s any backup programs out there that

a) Let you do differential/incremental backups
b) If a job is going to take you 10 discs, gives you the option of pausing a job partway through (at disc boundaries) to continue some other time, and
c) If a particular disc fails to burn, lets you recover from this error in some way (other than quitting and wasting all of the previous discs you have burnt, a la Nero)