Backup Problem

I currently tried to create a backup of my Rome Total War (Such a game guys), I have 2 kids and trust me…i aint taking no chances after paying £35 for this game.
I have all the files from each of the 3 disks on my hard drive in 3 seperate folders. I used nero to burn these to 3 seperate disks but the problem is only the first disk runs.
During the installation it asks for the second disk, the second disk is insterted but my comp wont seem to pick up on this.

What am I doing wrong? Getting seriously F**KED of now and cant be bothered going through the whole drama again. Is there any program I can use that would make disks 2 and 3 get recognised?

Help me OBI WAN your my only hope!

Are you just copying the game files off of the disk? If so then that is your problem. The copy protection dosn’t allow you to do this and thats the reason for the error.

The first thing to do is to scan the disks with ARay Scanner. This will tell you what copy protection is on the disks. Then once you have that we can choose the right program for you to use to get a working copy.

If you can provide your CDRW make and model that will also help.

There are a number of guides in the Copy Protection Forum about copy disks and how to use copy protection scanners. Have alook if you need some help.

Hope that gets you started.

Cheers for the Help Womble M8

I used Alch 120% and Daemon. The files are fine on that side of it, its just the burning side that fails for some odd reason. Im using a NEC DVD+RW ND-1100A with official firmware.

The disks burn 100% and look as though everything is in order, every other game Ive done works fine, but this one has me beat. The files lie on my hard drive as there original state, exactly how they look on disk as I used isobuster to open the image files. The 2nd and 3rd disks look exactly like the original but when it asks for the second disk its as though the autorun wont kick in for it to be accepted.

As a father I can understand your point. I would suggest as Womble adviced:

  1. To determine what kind of protecion you are dealing with.
  2. To find the software that can deal with the protection, i.e. make a working backup.

Hello Alex Cheers for the reply bud.

Sorry guys I dont think im explaining this very well here, I have passed all the protection parts & normaly the way I burn works 100%. Various tools I use like games x copy, nero 6+plugins, smartripper, dolly etc works fine.
What I basicly looking for here is different burning software to use as Im convinced that its the software im using that is giving me these problems.

I make an exact duplicate of the original disk after scanning it etc for protection types, once through that stage im normaly left in the end with an ISO file.

I then extract the contents into folders to check them. Normaly Nero6 lets me create the disks from here on in but not his time.

Feel free to tell me of this is an weird way of doing this but its worked for me for this long…lol.

Ok. I got it. Use Alcohol120% :wink: .

It made my day when I performed the same “action” because of my kids with the game “Emperor”.

I wish you luck and please let us know about the result. You can download the trial version of Alcohol120% here:

you have the original CDs for installation purposes. why not just make a couple of copies of the play Cd and keep them as your “knock-about” copies ?

If you have the HDD capacity, why put games on real CD at all?
My kids are aged 4 and 5, and all 40 odd of their CD/DVD based games are in .ISO/.MDS/.BWT/.Cue etc format on the HDD, and are loaded into Daemon Tools or Alcohol virtual drive, where they play perfectly, without pauses etc associated with CD spin-up speeds etc.

As they are so young, I wrote a simple launcher in VB which allows them to click on a 150x100 bitmap of each their games/favourite websites/installed applications and it sets the screen res, mounts the image, sets the relevant copy protection emulation and fires up the game. (Let me know if you are interested in the launcher part.)