Backup problem

I’m trying to create a backup of a 6-disc set I bought some time ago.

The content on each disc is about 3 hours long and it took about 27 minutes to back up each of the first three discs.

After Disc 4 had been scanned by the software, I received a message stating that “Some DVD information cannot be read. You can choose Main Movie or Customize to copy.” I chose Customize.

Disc 4 however was crawling along and was heading for completion at just over an hour when the process stopped at 96.3%.

I’ve tried a further three times without success.

I’ve checked the disc surface and it appears to be free from any marks or blemishes and it plays without problem in my DVD player.

I make a backup of disc 5, which again took about 27 minutes.

Perhaps I’m stating the obvious when I say that I think there is a fault within disc 4 and it just won’t oblige me with a backup but is there anyone who can give me any help in solving this problem.

it could be your PC DVD drive, espicially if you are using a laptop.
Sometimes with very long DVDs, the laptop drives don’t seem able to read to the very end. I’ve experienced this a few times with my slimline dell PC which uses a laptop drive, but the same dvds are OK in my main PC.

So test on a different PC if you can ( install a trial version of DVDFAB to test with) , if it hangs up at same point then DVD is faulty, if not then its a problem with the drive in the 1st PC.