Backup problem with Ronin

I am running AnyDVD latest version 5960, DVD Shrink & DVD Decryter, but I cannot get a good copy of the film. What is happening is at the layer change point (91Mins) the film just stops! The only way to watch the rest of the film is to use the scene selection option from the menu and choose the next scene after the layer break and every thing works fine from the on. I notice when playing the original that there is quite a break at the layer change! more than what I believe is normal. Has anyone got any ideas how I can get around this problem. By the way I have even tried to copy with DVDFab. Do I have use dual layer DVD9 media instead of DVD5. All help will be greatly appreaciated.

If you burn it to a SL disc you’ll probably not see the layer break. Why?
Cause it’s removed. So i guess this is short break caused by low quality media.

as rapid fire has said, if you’re making a SL backup, there is no layer break.

this is likely one or any combination of the below possibilities:

1.) poor media. please post the Media ID code of the blank media you’re using. (Media id can be obtained from the disc info tab of nero cd-dvd speed)
2.) burning too fast/too slow. what is the rated speed of your blank media? burn at that speed or one “notch” below. never use the “max” setting.
3.) outdated firmware. check the manufacturer’s website for your drive to determine if there are any firmware updates available for your drive. F/w updates often improve write strategies on a wider array of media so this may improve your burn qualitiy.

Thanks to both of you for supplying that information. But since posting this thead for help I have found that every one of the backups I made trying to find out what I was doing wrong “Work”!! that is on some very cheap DVD players! It just seems that my Pioneer is very picky at what it plays for some reason or another? Once again thank you for helping an old fellow out who is very new to this ART.

Usually the cheap players are well known as solid players.